Yandere Simulator

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A yandere simulator poem from her herself Yanere! Enjoy... please comment!

Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



Senpai, my true love
My love soars high
like a dove
For you.

Its not like me 
To write sappy poems
But i see
That i have to have you
Ill do what ill have to do

Why does this school
Have weapons on the lawn?
Wierd, but i shrug it off anyway
I will wait till dawn

Ive heard that kokona had a certain crush.
Now i have no choice,
But to hush
With a knife
Then ill finally be your wive!
Oops didnt mean to write that!
Did you know i have a sexy hat?

One day senpai will finally be mine!
Girls! Stop your whines!

Its been a couple of hours
And yet, somehow i got arrested
For murder.
But they dont know i have powers,
To summon a blood thirsty demon!
Senpai will be mine!
As an soon as i get out prison...

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