Middle School vrs My Thuaghts

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Listen to the ramblings and many problems of an intelligent middle school girl who douse not belong.

Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Once upon a time in a kingdom to close to notice, live a girl and a boy not at all royal. They were the same in many ways, but the did not notice and payed very little attention to each other well that's until..................
The girl was a sweet one with many friends and many flaws that made her, her. But the one thing she lacked and think she needed was a guy. Except for a short sixth grader that was very clingy. Oh and did i mention she's in middle school, specifically 7th grade, and oh I'm her best  friend. Two peas in a pod her and i.
The boy sat next to me in first period, he's a bit strange, but nice, but a little stupid. He and her both in a twist weren't meant for each other, at least not to my stomach. All the drama began on Thursday well last Thursday or was it the Thursday before i don't really know. I was absent  so the story i tell my not be all the truth but it is what i was told so eh.
Natalie (for that was her name) i dare you to ask Blake out (and Blake was his name)." said whoever. and with an "OK" she replied, and then it happened somehow in a strange unsatisfying way he said "Yes". Even though they were both in middle school relationships, they broke up with there others and then began the disgust. More mushy than any couple I've seen (and I've seen very few) but the problem with middle school relationships is no one's ballsy enough to actually kiss it's just hugging everywhere you go it's disgusting. Anyway.
Monday When i found out. but before that juicy little tid bit you should know about because seriously this book isn't about them it's about me. Well my name is Amaira is sounds like saying america without the ca. I'm eleven in 7th grade because i  skipped a full grade, and have moved about 12 times in my life and gone to about 8 schools in my life. This year i was new and Natalie was the first friend i met that's why she's just a pretty little penny to me, it's always really hard no matter what. Oh and at this school there kinda freaks like at a middle school every girl is usually bitchy and rude except for the good ones but at this school they will compliment you randomly I've never seen this before it is freaky.
Anyway we're back Monday, when i found out. I can't quite recall exactly when i found out or how,  but i think it went like this:.

Stardate breakfast at 700 hours  i had yogurt it was delicious. But before i ate when i walked into the cafeteria there “it” was. “Them” the hand” welded together, and stuck together like glue unforgettable, i was like what the heck and the bleep just happened. You know one moment i have a totally awesome best friend the next moment she's  all freaky and gooey and mushy and just disgusting it didn't even matter that she was my best friend all i could think of is that it was awful. the day did go on however that morning in first period i could barely look at Blake it disgusted me to that we were close in a way. and then second period happened they sat together Awful! OH Why, OH Why, anyway. Were back, so i bet you're already fed up with the love story but there will be more right after this semi short break.

Wednesday- Drama in Drama. I should have known Not to have invited Natalie to drama club and i certainly won't make that mistake again. Also i want to make this clear i am not an actor, i am a costume designer. Anyway her totally jealous ex is an actor and all they did was talk, talk, talk, talk, and argu. I barely got my work done the conditions were that bad. then the school board came came in wanting the actors to do a impractical video for the school it was star wars theme and they made me be in it. I tried to my work but still no luck even worse Natalie was screaming because she was in the club that day to be my assistant but that never happened she messed up while typing, but she was screaming because the camera man was pointing the camera at Natalie while it wasn't even recording but i still love her. Anyway.

Wednesday-Drama. I should have known Not to have invited Natalie to drama club, (and i'm going to make this clear i am not an actor nor have i ever, i am a costume director, for the acting troupe.). Anyway (and yes i am going to say “anyway”, and “totally” a ton.) Her totally jealous ex was there he's the sixth role, and all they did was jabor in mean this guy just kept hanging on while we were working, because i invited her to help me and be my assistant. I hardly got my work done.then the school board came in and asked the club to do a star wars themed skit i hate star wars, and they made me be in it how terrible. so i sat through it and tried to do my work but the cameraman kept screaming about it because the camera man was pointing the lense at her even though it wasn't recording so stupid but whatever.

today is the day before x-mas i'm freaking there's only like an hour and a half left of school but that means people give up  civilized ways and revolt to these neanderthal ways. As well more mushy stuff is bad that both of them are my friends or is worse that if they any closer it will drift me and natalie apart more. If it gets worse i'll have a repeat of every year ever since the portion of first grade that i attended. because of my distinctiveness i've been set apart before, but we can get into that later, enough.

So class is over, and my next is career exploration a fancy way of saying boring. Talk, Talk, Talk, and more Talk that was the class. oh and because i have nothing else to talk about i'll tell you about lunch.

So we got our new schedules for next semester today and Natalie got kicked out of quire. I told her we would go to talk to the teacher after lunch but instead her boy Blake growled at me when i asked if she was ready. So yeah, that happened. I guess that's enough writing for today.

So a few days have gone by and i'm happy incredibly anxious and and candy enthusiastic. X-mas is 5 Days away i’ve rapped tons of presents but i only know of some of the present that i'm going to be receiving and i saw this huge bag at my aunt's work yesterday that she was trying to hide from me, she did a bad job but i have no clue what is inside i'm nuts because it is an expectation to know what every present i'm receiving is before X-mas. Anyway.

Like 2 weeks ago i tried out to be on a million dollar nationwide childrens cooking competition tv series for season six i didn't even get a call back but i'm all over it what i'm really freaking out about is the audition next year. But that's several months away when its time, when its time.

So i think that's all i have to say for now ooh and guess what my b-day is only a few days away can't wait it going to be awesome i might even drive to vegas with friends and have a sleepover, and no im im not way too old for a sleepover, so yeah. Anyway.

So it turns out i'm really bored and i have no clue what do do you know if i ever  get this published  or if i  ever send it to a publisher i’ll need to write introduction letter. i guess i could do that but i would have no clue what to sa.

So i'm going to tell you about Gilian, one of my best friends. Well she's in drama with me and she's the 8th grade science teachers daughter. Also she stands with me on the point that Natalie and Blake together is uck. And there are a few more things about her that i know but there is a lot i'm still learning about her.

So today is the 23rd of December aka wednesday. I woke up around 10:00 and my aunt wasn't here because she had work today so I played with my dog she's nuts. But I do love her we rescued her from our next door neighbors a few years ago. She's a bit mean but we don't blame she's just protecting herself from getting abused again but she makes a good playmate and guard dog.

Tomorrow my uncle gets here he's a bit crude but eh. And I still can't wait for x-mas. I'm watching the Simpsons right now it's kinda stupid I usually love this show but I've seen this episode ten times before. I also played with my guinea pig today she is adorable.

My dog doesn't trust me now I played a trick on her but it was always for fun. If you have a dog or any animal you know that you have to love them no matter what but I just can't  not my dog its my hamster. I can't stand it it is so annoying it has no brain but I still have to use it in my science project I'm testing the intelligence of a guinea pigs and my hamster and it won't cooperate it stays in one place and poops yes poops. I'm also hating my tablet its being annoying. Have you ever tried Google docs you can download it on to any device that has Google and its free all you do is type and you can share it and move from one device to another in the middle of your paper. That's what I'm doing with my book any time I can I'm typing or writing. I actually just realized something I found out I have emojis????. But I won't use them much.

this tablet i got is awesome it has hdmi, usb, sd 3 different charge plugs and it's awesome.  i think i'm in over my head trying to write a book about my life im kinda boring i mean just writing a book in general. it's a horror story if you try to write a book i'll tell you something have a plan. don't just pick up a pen one day and decide your board and start writing it doesn't work i am totally blank no thoughts empty head why i might as well be imagining a monkey sitting in my head playing mozart on the piano wearing a fur robe.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im outta ideas by now im just trying to fill space. i have never been this bored while writing well i have when i was in online academy they made me do the most boring stuff in the world! and it was all review uk. so once again, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh longest word ever. it may only be 2 letters but it always lives on until you end the endless un inhabitants of the mind. AKA boredom.

you probably hate me by now you think i'm a loser i have no life im a tip top if i have to write about the dramas of my friends. instead, i should write about girly little unicorns and fairy tale crap well i'm kinda over that. well i like fairy tales but the ones about the real lives of people i like history. have you ever studied world war 2 it's crazy the stories they tell you in school isn't even the half of it hitler he just wanted to take over the world. it had nothing to do with the jews. he just thought they were powerful because they were smart and you wouldnt believe what he did to them and to american soldiers he caught, he did not hide it as well as he wanted. gosh. anyway.

i don't know what i'm saying but yeah my life is nuts i'm sure you want to know more about Natalie and Blake by now, maybe later.

Today is the 27th i got some awesome stuff for x-mas and my uncle was a pain as usual. I got 2 board games a flicker, and other stuff. But the very day after x-mas i started to plan my b-day party. I'm having a slumber party, and were driving to vegas to go to the mini grand prix it's awesome. I made name tags place cards, invites, and a movie selection game. What you do is put title of six movies each on separate pieces  paper, then put a board game title on the back you pick one randomly then you watch the movie while playing the game.

I love my dog she's so cute. i've been in my room since i woke up this morning and i didn't realize she was here till just now so she's sitting in my watching me type waiting for me to pet her. you know last night she was on my bed and i realized i needed to put her dog bed on my bed because she kept laying on me. But i love her she's my baby no matter how suspicious she is when she hears the slightest noise. And i don't blame her for that because in our old neighborhood we would hear gunshots and all kinds of crazy stuff, one time in  the middle of the night we heard a flash bomb go off in the neighbor's house. yeah not the nicests neighborhood. Anyway.

My dog weighs like 20 pound but she's a chihuahua so she look like a jelly bean. My guinea pig is even fatter but she's not actually fat. She just cuddles herself and her fluffy fluffy fur and looks like a big ball of cuteness. They're both working on losing weight.

I talked to my mom today i miss her she lives in nebraska, with my step dad and sister. She is going to visit me in February.

Natalie came over today to discuss my patie its was boring. Anyway.

I haven't write to you in a while probably over a week, i went to the movie with natalie on friday the first of january. Bella's cute in in all and pg has improved. Though i had a slight incident on my new scooter i got for x-mas i fell off it and it still hurts less though, but you wouldn't believe how much it hurt just to sleep. So tomorrow is the first day of second semester i'm sure i'll have plenty to write about tomorrow.

So i did say i would write tomorrow but it's been a month. But before anything real new let me go over some things. Natalie broke up with Blake, I joined choir, and i got to start working on the costumes and they look amazing. Oh natalie dated blake briefly again. Then i think blake started dating someone else. Now it's just me i haven't had an actual friend convo with Ashley since well i don't know now i think we're just allies. I do miss her though.

i've been watching netflix for i think a year now and i must say i love it but it's my grandmother's account and she does not have the upgraded version so by now i'm just watching random shows to see if i like them. I saw this one show called house i've watched it before when i was little, i would kinda just glance here and there and it never really interested me much. but lately well it started about a year or so ago i noticed i got really interested in medical things and i don't know it's weird. but i don not want to be a doctor i do not have a strong enough stomach for the job, and i could not possibly attend that much schooling. My aunt's a doctor but it took her so long just to get to the point where she got a real decent salary. Anyway.

in the way of the career path i have a plan. I don't know if i told you this before but i’d rather not go over the book and check. My plan is to attend 4 years of law school at the University of Arizona in Tuscon Arizona the place i was born and raised. Then i shall go into work for 2-3 years until i saved up enough money or found a way to transfer to an Office in Chicago to attend either Le Cordon Bleu, or FIDM the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. And continue on in one of those carreras if i was successful in the schooling and get offered a reasonable job position.

aren't people crazy i mean you can know a person forever and know nothing. my friend natalie the one with guy issues doesn't know anything of my past. i don't think anyone does and this is between me and you, im kinda a dork i've always been but i've mostly bean bad dork.

In first/second grade oh and yeah before i got to skip they had me in first grade half the day and second grade the other half ass well  some days of the week i would be going 3 or 4 different classes for testing and advanced placement classes but i don't blame them. It was a school that was better for kids behind and kids who are special but it was not a good school for the advanced but it was where my friends were.

my friends man were they awesome we used to go onto the playground during lunch and play zelda, that old video game no one was link but there was always more than one zelda. Or maybe there was a link jackson liked to play the hero. We would play on the see saw yah and i mean  see saws it's the only school i've been to that's had one other than that i haven't seen a see saw in almost 7 years.

Another school that i had the best of times at was third grade all the friends i could ever want i mean there were rude and crude people but the others. Plus quite a few girls who were in my girls scout troop went to the school. But that was before i met eden my very best friend in the whole world. we actually met because she threw a frisbee at me. Then we played frisbee. actually at the time she had this one really annoying friend who was just awful she was very self absorbed.

okay so we're going to currents. Natalie is awesome, today we got to talking about girl scout camp. K it's a few months away but its something that everyone likes except total indoor nerds aka video games, and science fair guys. But i was telling her that she should ask her mom if she could maybe attend my camp this year in Tucson. she got really excited and i got excited because it would be like were having  a week long slumber party.

but it would be an awesome thing i mean we would get to cook together i get to show her around help her meet staff teach her the ays of the girl scout. Awesomeness.

I figured out how to finally send my book into an editor but i still have to finish the book fully, 80,000 words can you believe it. i think so far im at what 3,353 words but whateves i've been getting a’s in english since i was little. you wanna hear a funny story i was actually writing in cursive by the end kindergarten but in first grade i wrote in cursive on the spelling quizzes but i had to stop because the teacher wouldn't let me. so she kinda screwed me over on that one because now i can't properly write in cursive i can read and i know the letters but i can't write it write even my normal handwriting started to suck. imagine if you had beautiful handwriting but by the 7th grade it totally deteriorates due to one 1st grade teacher. i was glad to get the heck out of her class.

do you want to know about the nicest and the worst second grader teachers on the planet, the first is the worst. can't remember her name but she was awful she was mean and she practically called me out and humiliated me. because she would ask me third grade questions and  didn't know them because she hated children may god have mercy if she were to ever have had any.

the nicest second grade teacher in the buissnes his name was mr.elle like (eel-e).he always helped he was the one who convinced the school that i was in havec going from class to class. and he taught me what tally marks were.oh yeah he would give us chocolate the real good kids at least.

but then it started getting bad after third grade came fourth. that's when i got bad, i moved back to tucson and found a new school by then people knew about kooties and the unexplainable nothingness. but i had still made a few friends 3 mormans 2 twins in a grade above me their little sister in grade below and 2 friends from my grade. but their were other problems bullys and hacks. gabe this kid gabe in particular. he suuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. so much. and stupid kids so it turned into me getting back at him in any way i could and that got me in trouble. they then created the hate journal and the fear of pencils was amplified. the story is when i was in second grade with mister eele, a pencil broke that i was writing with and it was severe and the teacher thought it was on purpose but it was not so i wrote with a cran for a week and switched to mechanical, i believe the fear is called ah i don't know somthing. anyway.

do you ever wander, what the heck is wrong with this person. that moment when somone douse the dumbest thing and you just cant explain to them or yourself, what the heck is wrong with this person. im not saying their dumb but maybe they are. its just that one stupid act.

you know i would not be that suprised if a parent read this book either ones thinking of having a kid, ones with newborns, or ones going into middle school.

maddagascar is so funny i just saw a comercial for it to air next week and its just hilareouse. i think teachers see only the perspective. they dont see the frame of a kid. and other kids see nothing but what they have. riddle me this when you were in middle school if you were kinda popular. would you invite a not so popular geek to study with you, to just experience the person or to achive what they have like gum. yah i dont trust people hwo are older than me yet shorter than me but talk like a 20 year old valley girl but really dumb. yah my experiences are just so much more than any regular kid i dont know if its my brain or my aptitude.anyway i dont know why.

i was selling girl scout cookies today and i sold over 600 hundred dollars worth so i was pretty happy with myself. though i still have to sellsome what hundred boxes of cookies to reach my goal of a 530 becouse my troop wants to go on a trip to a water park in vegas.

Im gonna start with the wizard of of specificly the mavelouse wizard of oz. the originall book it took me two das to read recently. i offerd it to a new girl in class to read wile we took a test  she wasnt here for.  and she was the rudest, when i offeared she said “no i watched the movie” and i was disgusted. a classic and the movie is nothing like the book. though bless its heart its delightfull. book better though.

and that reminds me paper towns i own book and movie. movie is good but book is amazing, hilarious, delightful, and amazing. the pertie the trip stop. funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also freakin family guy funniest show ever  butit is a bit innapropeate for the younger and i only watch for the commedy factor never for anything else. peter griffin is dumb and retarted.

i have new developments in my garrage i have biult an area a place where i ddo fun stuff i put mmy sowing machine out there and it just looks great with my stuff as well im getting bookcases to put up in the place of walls wirth a curtain as a dore becouse my brother and cousin have spaces too.

for drama vclub i have finished 4 costumes, and im freakin out becouse im pretty sure they have to be done by this thursday and thats only 3 days away. and i think this year i wont go too crazy about camp becouse i purchaced all my clothing foor camp and packed it, but havent unpacked it yet so thats good. im still going to make all my lists and stuff becouse it calms me. so anyway.

i whrote a play its amazing it just camp out of me so easily and i think its really good.

its been like a month since i wrote in this book but i rewally nead to get the play done i had to write another that was comedy but i was a horible comedy writer so i added ppeople for no reson andi have a tone of other jobs to do like make the costumes props find people to fill roles its hard i cant figure it out though. watching a new show though.

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