the audition

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I once auditioned for a really cool show called Master chief Junior this is a tip guide to survive if you want to something amazing as well.

Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



have you ever done anything were you think you should quite write there and write then that you would fail at the drop of a pin. master chef junior is something you might be familiar with its a cooking contest for ages 8-13. give auditioned for this show before and i was amazed at every turning point every question they asked me i froze i hesitated but i came out with a smile on my face though i didn't make i really loved. you can have fun when you fail.

it started vin the parking garage of a Hollywood hotel, i could barley exit the car i put my apron on and walked in. could you imagine a parking garage with no one but you and what looked like a thirteen year old girl both wearing aprons walking into what may be your future what may reward you 100,000 dollars. i would freak out and i did i hacked confident and only rite before they called me in did i actually want to blackouts.

we walked in a line as if we were 3 and entered a foam with several tables with naives, spatulas, water, and measuring cups, oh and hot plates. they told us to cut a celery stalk a single celery stalk i knew why it was a test. something you may not understand each chief each little cook inside us douse everything different and that can even mean cutting a single celery stalk. then they gave us a single eg i didnt even want to touch it and i did i cooked i cooked it whong i made and over easy when i said i maid a sunyside up. i messedc up and i didnt know it at the time i knew i should have cooked the whites and use the water and yolk to make a holondase for it.

th ethuing that i ntook from this exerprience is be prepared for everthing risk it all love it all live live a legon in your own mind dont be a downer really dont.

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