Snow in May

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Snow in May would be quite the sight to see, would be much preferable to the doom and gloom thunderstorms.

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Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



The rain, doesn’t stop falling,

It’s been about, two weeks now.

Early May looks, and feels like winter.

I almost, feel like, it could snow.

Cold days, and even colder nights.

I forget, just what, the sun, looks like.

I’m shivering, I’m freezing.

I didn’t expect, the winds,

To be so intense, this time,

I forgot, to bring, my winter coat.


Soaking wet, cause I forgot,

My umbrella too.

Now I’m shaking, shivering,

I’m freezing to death.

I miss, the feeling,

Of you, being in my arms.

You’re touch, on my skin,

Made, me, feel warm on the inside.


But it’s a long and lonely winter,

Even when you’re here,

It still doesn’t feel like,

You’re any closer to me.

I, haven’t felt, the touch,

Of another human, in weeks.

Sometimes, at night, it gets,

Really fucking lonely.

And the days, go by, so fast.

But I don’t feel like I’m moving.


I’m stagnated, frozen in time,

And everyone else has moved on.

It’s a deep, and dark winter.

Days, and nights, all basically

Look the same to me, now.

And there’s no, relief,

On the horizon,

Anytime soon.

I’m all, alone, again.


Wouldn’t it be,

Such a wonderful sight to see,

Snowfall in the middle of May?

I’d like, to have that instead of,

Endless storm clouds, downpours,

And raging thunderstorms.

If, I wanted to see those things,

I’d just take a look, inside of my own head.


Outside, my window,

The winds are howling,

For the tenth night in row.

There’s no raindrops on my window,

Just teardrops on my keyboard,

Because the winds,

Whisper, mean things, in my ears.

They say that I should kill myself,

Over and over, until I pass out.

And they vanish when I wake up.

Was it real, life?

Or was it just, a bad, dream?


It’s a long, and lonely winter.

This year, in particular,

It’s lasted all, the way, into May.

I guess that we all decided,

To skip spring this year,

And give us an extended winter.

I don’t like the rain, though.

I’d rather see snow, rather than

Raindrops on my window.

It’s dark, and cold,

It’s a long, lonely winter.

Nothing but, raindrops on my window,

And teardrops on my keyboard.

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