Dream Mystery - Dressing Table (1)

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What would you do if you were home alone one day and saw a mysterious and unknown lady enter the mirror of your dressing table in your room?

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I've shifted back to stay with my friend, Kaley. She lived in an individual mini bungalow situated at Badar Street with two pomegranate trees flashing bright red fruits at her front lawn. 

The breezy fresh afternoon air enveloped me with bliss as I stretched myself and tip-toed outside to the main door. I had on my white singlet and black middle length shorts. I held a glass of freshly made lemonade in my left hand as I dreamily admired the view outside.

Two sparrows were chirping and chasing each other around the mini stone fountain. A stone bench and table stood beside it. This was a place where Kaley and I used to spent our time drawing and painting sceneries of landscapes and nature courtesy of our favourite hobby and time spent on hikings. 

Kaley was outstation with her recent boyfriend, Jace. They went on their first trip together to Heike Village as a couple thus leaving me alone in solitude. I was however grateful for the precious time I get to spend doing yoga or playing table tennis against the wall in the spare bedroom beside Kaley's. 

The birds flew away and I was left to my own thoughts. The sun went behind the clouds and I decided that it was high time for breakfast. 

I decided to go indoors and head towards the kitchen. There was a newly purchased toaster and a microwave oven awaiting my arrival. The fridge was half empty, indicating that I had to go and get groceries soon. There were remnants of yesterday's apples and pears and I even found some rotten oranges along the way. 

I found a packet of flour in the top cabinet of the kitchen shelf and some salt, pepper, sugar and a packet of full cream milk powder. I threw the rotten oranges in the wastepaper basket while I prepared some pancakes. Suddenly, there was a loud thud upstairs. 

Thinking that it must have been the wind, I shook away the thought in my mind that something heavy had fallen onto the floor. I carried on with my breakfast and even brewed myself a cup of coffee which turned into cappucino with the ingredients I found.

After my hasty breakfast, I decided to go upstairs to finish reading the novel I borrowed from a friend. As I ran up the short flight of stairs and neared my room, I thought I saw my bedroom door creaked opened by itself. It must have been the wind. I neared the door and turned on the doorknob but it just wouldn't budge. I tried again harder and finally, it swung opened.

As I entered my bedroom, I felt as if there was somebody's else's presence. "Hello?" I tried to sound confident but my voice came out in a hoarse whisper. "Is somebody there?" There was only silence and my room door swung shut.

I heard the piano being played, its tune melodious nontheless. I grabbed the novel lying on the bed and headed downstairs. The piano went silent and I stopped dead in my tracks when I heared someone singing upstairs and the sound was coming from my room. 

I dropped the book on the floor and ran upstairs, just in time to see a girl with long jet black hair going into my room. She wore a long red dress that glimmered in the light. I couldn't see her face but it was pale white. She sat down on the stool of the ancient dressing table in my room and started to comb her long hair. Her fingers delicately touching each strand as she slid the comb expertly through her silky hair. 

I was speechless as I watched her from a distance of my room. The lady didn't notice my presence and she stood up and bend her head towards the dressing table's mirror. Not understanding her unclear intentions, I froze as I saw her body went halfway through and she finally slithered right into the mirror. 

There were traces of red powder on the table so I decided to wipe them away with a piece of tissue. The red powder staining the soft paper resembled dust accompanied by a pungent smell of perfume wafted through the air. I had to cover my nose while I threw the tissue into the wastepaper basket.

My hands fumbled clumsily for my bag in one of the drawers while mistakingly pulling open the second drawer. In it laid a thick black book. I gasped at the sight of it when I saw the similar picture of the lady in red at the front cover. It was about her! I found her diary!

The book fell from my hands and hit the floor with a loud thud. 

I woke up with a startled jolt. I was in my bedroom with my blanket covering me. It was only a dream. The image of the lady in red still vivid in my mind. Was there a mirror world in the dressing table? I grimaced at the thought of that. It was time for me to start getting ready, today is my first day at work at Tendai publishing company as an editor. I rushed out of my room and headed to the nearest washroom.

The mystery continues... 


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