The Endless Depths

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The discovery of an old Menschilche space station that was untouched by the Galactic War by the humans sparks interest within the humans, so they send a group of soldiers there, then another, and another, and another, none of them return. Though they know that something is killing off the groups of soldiers there, they have no idea what it is and there is no record of it and they become tired of sending their own soldiers, so they go to Balthoron to try to hire the Raptors. Can Balthoron and the Raptors figure out what this thing is and kill it before they themselves are hunted down and killed? Find out in this standalone book set within the world of Chronicles of Verbana: Next Generation!

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Submitted: May 06, 2016

Disclaimer: This is a Horror Story set within the Chronicles of Verbana universe, though it does chronologically take place after Balance... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Submitted: May 07, 2016

Two changes from the original Draft here.

1. It was originally supposed to be a smaller unit, a mere squadron of troops, I changed it to a Battalion to make it more sensible.

2. Balthoron was originally going to accompany the rest of the soldiers out on the field. Being the ranking officer and having little information about the station, this made absolutely no sense. Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: May 08, 2016

A Fire and Maneuver Team is made of two people.

A Fireteam is made up of Four. Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: May 09, 2016

Jacob led his company into Sector Two, he looked around, his rifle at the ready. When he saw that nothing was there, he looked to the tro... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Submitted: May 12, 2016

Balthoron slammed his hands on the panel in front of him, Jessie's hologram showed up next to him, "Losing a squad was within the project... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Submitted: May 15, 2016

A Lieutenant by the name of Marcus walked through the corridors of Sector Four, as far as he knew from the screaming and gunfire on the o... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Submitted: May 17, 2016

The Mus Captain moved together with his squad in Sector Three, the area was a bit hot for his liking and he silently wondered what his an... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Submitted: May 17, 2016

Balthoron placed his hands on the console in front of him, his eyes full of tears as the area that his family's friend was in became awas... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Submitted: May 18, 2016

A young Lupine Corporal by the name of Annaliese looked at the section that she had gathered. This wasn't her first operation, but she ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Submitted: May 18, 2016

A young arctic Kitsune Private by the name of Yoshio Sakamoto looked around as the section he was in stood ready to lead the bioweapon in... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Submitted: May 19, 2016

Marcus continued to explore the underwater depths of Sector Four, his squadron had linked up with another one and formed a section, since... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Submitted: May 19, 2016

The Kitsune Major in charge of Sector Four placed his finger on his communicator, "Excuse me sir, attack the soft bits of the bioweapon, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Submitted: May 20, 2016

Balthoron looked at his shotgun and took the clip out of it, checking on the amount of ammo that he had in it. He then made sure that the... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Submitted: May 20, 2016

The reason I'm able to do two in one day is that this half of the story was planned out from the beginning. Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Submitted: May 21, 2016

Adalwulf ran through the station's corridors, not looking behind him or slowing down. The Lupine placed his finger onto his communicator ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Submitted: May 21, 2016

Balthoron sighed slightly, "Is the bioweapon dead?" Jessie looked at a wall, "I don't know, I'm not reading any movement around Sector Si... Read Chapter

Chapter 16B

Submitted: May 22, 2016

Balthoron heard the noise outside the blast door, and put his helmet back on, "Well Jessie, this is it. It's here for me, hide yourself a... Read Chapter

Chapter 16D

Submitted: May 22, 2016

Balthoron heard the noise outside the blast door, and put his helmet back on, "Well Jessie, this is it. It's here for me, hide yourself a... Read Chapter

Chapter 17B

Submitted: May 23, 2016

Six months had passed and Balthoron stood in front of a monument that he had personally funded and engraved every plaque on it with the n... Read Chapter

Chapter 17D

Submitted: May 23, 2016

A month had passed and Tsuyoshi was in a bar, the day of Balthoron's funeral had arrived and Tsuyoshi couldn't bring himself to attend. H... Read Chapter

Epilogue B

Submitted: May 23, 2016

A year had passed since the incident in the space station and Balthoron rode on the back of Julius, wearing noble's attire, "Thanks for t... Read Chapter

Epilogue D

Submitted: May 23, 2016

Tsuyoshi looked at a picture of Balthoron, a scant three months had passed since his brother's death and only a month after he found that... Read Chapter