The girl who cried, Help.

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Life is what YOU make of it!

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



The girl who cried help, is my name I should say... The Sun at night and the moon in the day. My tears could come rawring like the midnight sea, and wont mean anything at all except to the mirror and me. The girl who cried help, why me should I ask, it feels the like stabs of a million pieces of glass, broken scorned and abused I should say. should I take this glass and watch the life flow away. Or should I stay and pray for a better day, will all this pain soon go away? All the heache and misery of the trouble which follows me, Ohh what should I do with the constant monoply, then a voice in my thoughts soon befriended me it said just take all your troubles to a cemetary...and see the insight of your legendary. Just typing this peom was kinda scary, but I found the answer to my questions was only in me, and honestly nobody know me like i know me so your thoughts and opinions are not nessacary....and for the girl who cried help, believe in you self soon will come wealth along with better health, cast your worries away don't just out them on the shelf, all u gotta do is believe in yourself!

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