The Last Ride

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Chapter 2, like the first, is a first draft. I have not spellchecked it or fixed my grammatical errors. What you read here is not indicative of the final product.
I hope this first draft wont be too hard for you to read. Oh yea, Thank you :)

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Preperations

Submitted: May 07, 2016

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Submitted: May 07, 2016



 I squeezed my way to the back of the sunderer and stepped out of Tigers desert camouflaged oven on wheels and onto the dusty road a short ways from TI Alloys. I stretched myself to my full height and reached for the skies for the first time in over an hour. It seemed like every muscle was on fire from sitting in the hot stuffy spaces of Tigers sundy. Around me the other troops were doing the same since they had nothing to do until the purple smoke appeared.

The view of the crown from TI Alloys was breathtaking. The noon sun was at its highest point, silhouetting the Crowns spire against a crystal blue sky. The spire itself was reached high into the sky as to show the surrounding area the dominance of its defenders. It was largely made of titanium, with jagged edges with perches all along its exterior for use of its defenders. And as decoration, it had a single, giant, blue flag that ran down the its side, bearing the golden symbol on the New conglomerate.

At its base, I could see a large blue vanguard tank rolling out of one of the two vehicle hangers. One floor above that, the battle platforms were largely deserted, with a hand full of men bustling around its battlements, and near the top of the spire, one of its four landing pads was holding a giant galaxy dropship. I winced and silently hoped the ship and its cargo would be gone by the time we made our attack.

I glanced over at Ginga’s wraith tank and saw Daku and him exchanging a kiss before Ginga began climbing back into his wraith. As he climbed Daku gave his ass a good smack before putting her helmet back on.

“Hey Foob” Tuna called from the back of Doc’s sundy. “Going our way”?

“That depends” I called back to him, as I grabbed my gear. “You headed to that monstrosity” I said, indicating the crown towering over us?

“Sure are. Some crazy Aussie said we need to go slap some C4 on the side of it” He said as I rounded the sunderer’s tailgate and saw Doc laying in its shade. “He also said I need to hand in my medical tools for a jet pack” he said motioning toward a jet pack hanging on the hand rail inside the sunderer. “Never liked those things”.

“That’s just because you’ve never used it right” Bumble Bee said as he emerged from the sunderers insides. In one smooth motion, grabbing Tuna’s jet pack and slung it over his should.

“I thought you were the wheal man Bumble Bee” I said trying to hide the irritation in my voice.

“He was” Doc said as he rose from is spot in the shade. “But he bitched and moaned enough that I told him he could swap places with Tuna.”

“Doc offered to swap but Tiger said he wanted him leading the attack” Tuna said, happy that he didn’t need to change out of his medical gear.

“Besides, you guys are going to need the best up there. And I have the best record of all the Pale Riders” Bumble Bee said as he put his hands on his hips in a way that I’m sure was supposed to resemble a Superman pose.

Bumble Bee was good. There was no denying it. He knew his way around every vehicle the Vanu had to offer, and he was a crack shot, and I’m still not sure if he knew no one in the squad liked him. The only one who ever openly tolerated him was Dacu and that’s just because she was nice to everyone. Tiger tried but his tolerance for Bumble Bee often ran out. The rest of us tried to pretend that he wasn’t there.

“Change up Foobloo” Bumble Bee said. “You’re going to be no help like that”.

“You mean aside from keeping you assholes alive” I asked, earning a smile from Tuna?

“He’s right Foob” Doc said as he rose from his shaded seat and brushed the dust off his combat armor. “I want everyone in jump packs. If one of us falls I want to be sure we still have enough C4 to get all the turrets”.

“Then who’s the medic”?

“No medics Foob” Doc said as he clapped me on the shoulder. “Just a bunch of C4 pixies”. Bumble Bee smiled at me and tossed me a jet pack that was lying on one of the seats.

“You’re going to want to swap your rifle for a shotgun. It won’t do you any good in close quarters” he said, like I’d never used an assault kit before. I rolled my eyes in my visor and began walking around the side of the sunderer.

Sunderers are an amazing feats of human engineering. They are large armoured vehicles that function as troop cariers as well as mobile armories. When assaulting an enimies base, the sunderers parks outside the fortifications and unload its cargo of infentry. As the infentry pile out of its back doors, the side of the sunderer opens up, revieling a device that pulls wepons, armour, and amunition from storage units underneath the vehicle, alowing the attackers to change the way they attack at the drop of a hat. There's a second wepons platform on the oposite side of the sunderer filling a similar function. If a soldier were to step into it with his arms outstreched, he is sealed inside the sundy for twenty-two seconds. While inside, dozens of small arms systematicly encase the soldier into an armoured Max sute and pull what equipment he was wearing back into the bottom of the sunderer.

I aproached the monitore and requisitioned a prebuilt assault kit and replace it with my own gear. I strapped the jet pack to my back and bent over to tighten the strapps around my legs, when I felt a shart stick me in my left butt cheek. I screamed, making a rather efeminite sound, and gumped forward, hitting my head on the side of the sunderer. I spun around to meet my assailent and saw a laughing Daku with a Heart String arrow in hand.

“Oh my God Foobloo. I'm so sorry” She said inbetween laughing uncontrolably. I looked acros the road at Ginga's wraith tank, where Ginga was sitting in his vehicles shade, drinking out of a cantien.

“Ginga! You'r girlfriend is poaking my ass again”! Ginga looked up from his cantien and shrugged.

“She's got two dicks Foob. She needs twice the amount of ass as any normal person. You know that”.

“Yea” Daku half gasped half chuckled as she strugled to regain her breath. “You how it is Foobs. And besides. You were just pointing it at me, begging to me. I had to do something.”

“Okay Daku. But one of these days you're going to have to realize I'm not just a pice of meat. My butt has feallings too.” Daku began laughing again but was cut off by loud Austrailian cursing.

“What the fuck are you lot sittin around for? The longer we sit here, the longer the Wild Cards have to take the Crown before us” Tiger yelled as he stormed over to Doc's sundy! “What's the hold up” Tiger asked again as he stood over Doc who had sat back down in his origanal spot.

“We're just waiting for Foobloo to get suited up and we're on our way Tiger” Doc said with the same callm attitude he alwas used.

“Foobloo you bitch” Tiger yelled! “It doesn't take this long to change a pack. What's the hold up”?

“Sorry sir” I said in a light hearted salute. “I was sexually assaulted by our leading lady” I said, pointing at Daku. As Tiger aproached us he looked back and forth between us as Daku gave him an inocent smile.

“Yea you wish Fooloo. Now Daku get back to Ginga and let these faries go do their work”. Daku smiled and began walking back to Ginga's wraith. As Tiger looked back to me I noticed Daku was wearing infultrator armor and disapeared into a shimmer as her cloke activated. In the span of a second the only trace of her exsistance was the dust that was kicked up by her boots as she walked back to Ginga. “Remember Foobloo. Speed is the key to here” Tiger said as he walked back to his sunderer.

With Tiger walking back to his sundy, and Daku nowhere to be seen, I finished my preperations and hopped into the back of Doc's sundy.

“Ready boss man” I said as I settled into one of the seets with a view through a gunport.

“Alright then” Doc said as he closed the sunderers back doors and locked the requisition ports on the sides.

“Wish us luck guys” Tuna said as the sunderer lurched forward and away from the convoy.

“Good luck Bravo squad” Marshall said as Doc piolated the sunderer toward one of the more forgiving slopes that lead to our objective.

“Stay safe babe” Ginga said as the final goodby before we switched to radio silance. I was about to comment that Ginga seems to be calling me babe now when in the seet across from me Daku decloked and removed her helmet to reveal a mischevios grin.

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