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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016





All of these ol' demons

Linger 'round the perimeters

Just tryin' ta be heard

All I wanna do is die

All my heart does is cry

My love-life has said "goodbye"

And I don't even know just why

But I'm bangin' on the door

Just hopin' you will let me in

But will I get that chance just yet?

All I can do in times like this

Is feel the pain burn

And try to move onward

But if I have to do this without you

Why be doing it, at all?

You're so pretty ev'rytime I see you

And ev'rytime I hear you

It makes me wanna be with you

There isn't much anything I can do

To make that possible

I don't know where this is going

Other than to nowhere

It just isn't fair

Why do you have to tease me

Showing me your pink panties?

Why' you gotta bend over in front of me?

All I can do is go crazy

'Cause I know you'll never be my lady

I still lose my mind when I see your face

But I know we can never be nothing

So I slap myself from dreaming

And try to wake up, I guess

Your laughter, and your smile

Is just driving me wild

You're like a good Tv. show

That I can't stop watching

So never turned the dial

I don't wanna be lookin' at anybody else

Still, this feeling sends me to Hell

Because all I can do is burn

Because of the sin of it all

To be loving some one

Who's already given birth

To somebody else's little one

Now I'm trapped in my shame

My religion doesn't condone adultery

If that is what wanting you is doing

To me, you're like a funny character

On a funny cartoon

All wacky and crazy

I'm so drawn to you

And the best part is you're not even insane

We could be together

If only you feel the same

But who am I kidding?

I can't ask you out anyhow

I'm broke as fuck right now

I can feel myself going down

Breaking my heart is what you're doing

All around the town

Ev'rybody knows what I'm feeling

About you

And it's killing me

Watch me die

Why would I wanna replace you?

You're so perfect in ev'ry way


05-02-'16 #1

D. L. Cannon

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