the final hour

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Mr.Connelly, English Class, Sophomore Year, Spring 2016

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



The Final Hour


On November 25, year 2277, they arrived. I’ve always heard about them in fairytales and storybooks, but they didn't match up to the descriptions the authors had given us. We knew they were coming from some planet called “VELO”, about 3.9x10^37 light years away from our planet, Earth. The creatures that lived on this planet, so called VELO, were given the name Octas because they had 8 legs in a formation of a tarantula. They were bulbous and dark, with the advantages of having spikes, shears, and rods attached to their bodies. Our leader at the time didn’t know why they were approaching us. Maybe to make peace or to become each other's allies. All we knew is that they were arriving here to Earth just to scope the area and see it first hand.

I walked into my foreroom and heard the silent humming sound, like a hummingbird flying in mid air. The loud echoing noise was coming from my 3D glass hologram display reading in big print “NEWS REPORT” from the capital. I took the pentagonal glass display in my hands and began to sit while the floor beneath me opened. The slow gelatin looking cloud levitated up like the dust from a beam of sunlight. It retained the color of the light blue morning sky, just as the sun is rising but not yet peeping through the ground level of Earth, giving off a milky white aura. I sat down feeling my bottom sink into the gelid substance of what I call my “couch”. I began to feel the small prickly bumps appear in a steady expanding way reaching to the top of my neck. I took my hologram and threw it onward watching it drop, but just a second before it would have hit the ground, it stopped suddenly to downtempo up, revealing a flashing a tinted yellow light, like the color of a flashlight reflecting through a diamond crystal window. I heard the long piercing cry as if someone was being attacked by a giant 3 headed dog ripping each limb and bone of their body apart slowly. Then I saw it, popping out from the left side of the hologram, something much worst than a 3 headed dog, an Octas. It started to click and whirl like a light switch turning on and off rapidly and then it took out a collar and put it around it’s neck. It seemed to be some sort of a translator. The Octas started to explain how our leader was dead and that we have exactly one hour until they destroy Earth. The only thing that came to my mind was Neo.

I started to scramble through the condominium looking for the the keys to initiate my hovercraft. I was looking under my teleporter, my bedstead, but they were nowhere to be found. I had to come up with an alternative so I ran out of my complex and grabbed a stone from my side yard. With all of the energy in me, I threw the stone towards the front window of my hovercraft. The glass shattered, flying outwards towards my body. I felt a slim cut near the bottom of my left eye, almost reaching the waterline. As much as the slash hurt, I jumped into the front seat of my hovercraft and urged the emergency button. The hovercraft shaked for it knew where to go. I had the ability to program the emergency accessory so it can directly transport me to Neo. As I was flying to Neo’s home, I put the hovercraft into auto-pilot so I can view the area around me. I looked up and saw a glowing, lightly tinted, transparent sphere ringed around the sky. It looked like a freshly blown bubble but had the texture and physical appearance of a bee hive. Drifting in the sky were multiple Octas, each scattering out to different housings and complexes of the human beings.

I saw his house in the radius. I quickly jumped out from the bottom port of my hovercraft as we got closer. There was a hulking ship in the center of his roof looking like it somehow crashed right smack in the middle. His side yard gate was open so I sprinted in, feeling a cloud of dust and dirt hit my face, blinding my eyes for a split second. Once my vision has cleared, I looked downward to the soggy and jagged grown and saw his body. My chest felt as if it was being punctured by a large wooden spear, straight through the heart. I began to mourn and plummeted straight to the ground, knees first. I caressed the side of his face feeling the crisp and dry texture.The only thing I felt was weakness, emptiness. I was looking at the person I have loved for three years, looking at his cold blooded body lying there carelessly. I jerked up seeing a ship containing an Octas. How dare this creature come into this world and destroy everything with no thought or feeling for the living beings here. I was enraged at the fact this beast and all of its colleagues killed the person I love more than anything.

The Octas began to attach its translator collar but before it did so, I looked around to find a sharp object to impale it with. To the left of Neo’s rotting body, I saw a piece of dark metal from the surplus of the broken down ship. I swiftly grabbed it like a bearded dragon feasting on its cricket prey, and with all the frustration and anger, I jabbed the metal object on the left side of the creature’s leg. The Octas approached closer to me, attempting to pick me up but with all my force. “Let go of me!” I said while struggling to get out. “ Just let me help-” I grabbed the metal out from its shaggy leg and punctured another leg before it can finish. In pain, the Octas growled at me like a wolf and flew back up into the sky. I looked up watching it fly up, bawling in tears for the Earth I had once known, is no longer in its natural existence.

Then suddenly, the sky from above started to tumble down as I saw a harsh white light

flashing into my eyes, blinding me and in an echoing voice, fading in to my ear, I hear someone

say “Ellie....Ellie”. The sound of my name was said in a worried tone, the sound of a man

saying “ Ellie...are you okay? Ellie!”. I jumped and sat up on my bed, startling myself and the

man to the left of me, feeling my heart race and sweat dribble from the top of my forehead.

Laying there beside me was Neo. Gazing directly into his eyes and seeing the corner of his

cheek lift up, I jumped on top of him, giving him the biggest embrace. I closed my eyes

knowing that I was safe, took a deep breath, filling in my lungs with oxygen, I knew that this

was all but a delusion.

© Copyright 2018 Tara Webster. All rights reserved.

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