Is It Possible That We Are Possible?

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



Is It Possible That We Are Possible?


If I wanna know what's up

When I

Speak your name

I can just look to the stars

And just

Fade from view

Because I

Love you

Love you

Even know how to say it

Just not

To you

To you

Nor any place you're near

It's shocking just to know

It's a silly little game

But I'm not a player

I don't play games with women

I'm too for-real for them

__to do that

Because I really want them

Don't wanna use them

And they are in control

Because i'm powerless

I won't speak the best words

So I can never be in charge

Just let the windows smack

My ass on the way out

To Wonderland

And all the joy, there, found

And when I come around

Maybe I won't dissociate

My better self

But for now

__I don't k now how

To not be a clown

The doom that is within my heart

Is a shade of wrath

That pulls me apart

As I walk the plank

I dive away

And drip dop slowly

Never knowing

Nor getting to know

Any lady

Because what kind of woman

Don't wanna have a baby?

At my age

__they're all baby crazed

And I'm a slave to my too-small of a place

Where I chill and waste

When the sun shines

I melt away

I haven't loved the sunlight

Since I was a teenager

My guess is I just haven't been

Truly in love since then

But what do I know?

Maybe that has nothing to do with it

I really want your han in mine

Your time to be spent with me

For all of time

I don't even know why

But do I have to?

I just want you to be mine

But is that possible?

Are we possible?


05-03-'16 #2

D. L. Cannon

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