The Dove

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Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



Once laid a man under a tree, the man had lost everything from his home to his friends, the love of his life rejected him and told him to die. All the man had to his name was his will to live. Suddenly a pure white dove landed on a branch above his head. The man noticed the strange bird and asked "My dear friend how do you manage to survive when you're ignored by those of your kind?" The man looks forward to the setting sun "pft I've lost my sanity asking a mere bird a philosophical question" "No." The man is shocked to hear a voice he look all around trying to find the source of the response "I've grown mad, I must be hearing voices in my head" the man stood up and as he did another response was heard "No." The man turned to his shoulder where the dove now stood curiously look towards the man's face, the man pets the raven's head "I'm guessing you my little friend have been answering my question?" "Yes" the dove spoke with a voice so calm and clear it shocked the man. "I've truly gone mad this mere bird speak as if he was a man, say dear bird can you say more?" "No." The dove answered "I was afraid of that, but can you understand what I'm asking?" Curiously asked the man "Yes." "Remarkable! A bird that understands human language and respond accordingly, dear friend would you join me?" Said the man with happy tone "No." Responded the bird "What? Wh-" the man was able to say these words before the raven interrupted "End." As Dove said so he moved to a branch on the tree where he once stood "What do you mean by "end", answer me you damn bird!" "End." The white bird kept repeating each time the man asked another question until the man asked "will I die today?" "No." "Will I die tomorrow?" "No." With remorse the man asked "Did I die yesterday?" The dove flew away the question never answered

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