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This is a story about the intensity of the bond between two individuals, which can take many forms.

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



She had not known of his existence a year ago, but the moment she laid eyes on him and heard his enthralling voice, there was instant recognition. There had been others who had captured her attention, but none who had affected her as profoundly and primally as he did. He became the unswerving focus of her world and she gave him her heart without thought. He dominated her emotions, causing her to weep one moment and laugh the next, sometimes both at once. Her body slick with exertion, shifting and stretching at his will, they fought a tremendous battle for supremacy.  Bruised and battered, she would bear its wounds for life without complaint. He had caused her agonizing pain and drained her strength and would continue to have her at his mercy for her entire existence, but it was a captivity she would willingly endure.  For all the tears she shed because of him, one smile and all her pain was forgotten.

His eyes focused on her face intently, as if to memorize every feature.  No matter how she saw herself, she knew he would always think her beautiful. He had no words to express his feelings but none were needed because she could read them on his face. He had not yet learned to mask his emotions but in time he would and she would suddenly be excluded from his world, granted audience at his pleasure. She would spend many sleepless hours over the years wondering about his whereabouts when he was not with her, jealous of those who took him away from her. But for now, she thought with triumph, he was only hers.

Already his attention was distracted. She held his body passionately against hers and drank in his enticing scent, slowly tracing her finger lightly down his face. He nuzzled her cheek playfully with his nose and twined a lock of her hair tightly in his fingers, surprising her with his sudden strength. Her eyes closed in rapture as he seized it and pulled it into his mouth, drawing on it with force. The suction triggered a flood of moisture from her body and he turned his head to find the source. Brows furrowed in impatience, he demanded his tribute and she ceded it in relief. Satisfied, he settled to enjoy his prize. That would be the pattern of their relationship for some time to come. He would demand and she would accede. Others would wonder how such an independent,strong minded, self-assured woman as she could be so submissive, but they did not have the depth of feeling for him that she did.  Sated and content at last, he pulled away, his body slackening against hers. His eyes closed and his head resting on her breast, he lost himself in the slumber of complete oblivion. Her arms closed around him and she pulled him closer to her as she too drifted into sleep.

They had many things to teach each other, but love came instinctively.

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