Congressman Posey- Disenfranchised

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Congressman Posey's office has over 10,000 pages of CDC documents demonstrating the CDC is lying about vaccine safety; it is time to dismantle the Government sponsored exemption from liability for harm for Pharma. When they manufacture a product that they know is unavoidably unsafe, then lobby the Government to enforce its injection into infants, they should be branded criminals and fined. Children should be protected, not Pharma companies!!!

Dear Congressman Posey,

First, THANK YOU! As parent to a vaccine-injured child (actually 2), I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to pick up where Bill Nelson and Dave Weldon left off.  Our children deserve the truth to be acknowledged by the Government and the Agencies who purposely hid the risks of the vaccine program must be held accountable! Speaking of this, I am writing as a parent of a severely vaccine-injured young lady, who had been awaiting her opportunity to be heard in "Vaccine Court" for 12 years.

After the Autism Omnibus debacle -where they took the one case similar to ours out of the Omnibus, compensated her to the tune of $Ms, and hid the proceedings from the Public (Hannah Poling), we  chose to proceed with our case, rather than be dismissed with no other option to be compensated. This decision is, apparently, an affront to our newly assigned Special Master, who, explicitly, wonders why we were not dismissed with all of the other thousands of "Autism" cases; she proposes, further that our Expert Witness, a Neuro-Pharmacologist of 30 years is inadequate to explain how vaccines (a pharmacological product) could have cause injury to my daughter's neurologic and biologic functioning (according to this Special Master, only an MD is qualified to do this). My daughter has biological factors which predispose her to harm from environmental exposures (including heavy metals, of which she got large bolus'), which are enumerated in her medical records, further she had two biological conditions which should have been addressed PRIOR to vaccination (but were neither identified nor addressed), and should never have been given booster shots because of her severe reaction at 3.5 months of age. My daughter does have many symptoms because of the damage to her brain and body, taken together, these symptoms fit the umbrella diagnosis of "Autism" - however, "Autism" is not a disease, it is a label for behaviors from disparate neurologic and biologic dysfunctions.

The fact the "Vaccine Court" dismissed nearly all ~5,000 children with a diagnosis of "Autism," without hearing the specifics of each and every case, and the Supreme Court then virtually eliminated the original "Vaccine Act" right to sue the manufacturer in Civil court if satisfaction was not gained in "Vaccine Court;" this has left thousands with no recourse for care and restitution for their children and families.

The abuse I am suffering in "Vaccine Court" is horrific - finding an Expert Witness who is qualified is easy, however, finding one willing to stand up to the Federal Government and speak against the sacred cow (vaccines) is nearly impossible (especially since any Expert I find must testify for an unknown amount of money to be paid at an unspecified later date) - the same problem applies to finding an attorney willing to represent what is seen as a loser case from the get-go, given the "court's" treatment of the majority of these cases. Likely, my case will be dismissed when the pediatrician I found to be my Expert is easily dismembered on cross-examination; I, too will join the ranks of the dismissed with prejudice. The fact is, my child received Lots that killed and disabled other children, but I have no right to Discovery which would allow me to find out how many doses came from those Lots, nor exactly what ingredients were in those needles, nor the ability to have the Lot tested for contaminants. I cannot subpoena the manufacturer and depose him or his scientists to determine their manufacturing process, nor can I gain access to internal memos which might indicate they were aware of problems at the factory or with the mix of ingredients. There is no jury to objectively weigh the research my attorney brings to the hearing, nor to review my child's medical record with an understanding that the patient has no control over what is written within (nor would the patient have understood, at the time, the need to be concerned with this). There is only the Special Master (who is already predisposed to dismiss our case), the DOJ attorney (who gets a regular paycheck) who prosecutes each case as if the vaccine-injured families are criminals, as many "Experts" as the Government cares to hire (using funds from the vaccine compensation fund), and the family with their unpaid attorney and Witness. How is the in any way right? Our Expert was supposedly found less believable in the thimerosal test case because the Government brought in 12 of their own "Experts" who published more research, and were, therefore more believable (what a sham)! And now his opinion, based upon my daughter's medical history and the shots she received will not even be considered because of this? At the same time, I cannot use precedent from the Poling case to bolster my daughter's case - the "Court" can use previous decisions against us?!!!

Please help fix this situation - my daughter has received $1.8M in care so far (and it has only been 13 years of treatment); we are not wealthy and this effort cannot be sustained - though she will require care for the rest of her life. My daughter "took one for the herd -" not only is there no recognition of the harm she sustained, there is no safety net to protect her from the harm that is virtually a guarantee, should she end up in an institution when I die.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Submitted: May 07, 2016

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