The Mysterious Island

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This is my another struggle to set a view for kids who like Adventure and Thrills.

Submitted: May 07, 2016

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Submitted: May 07, 2016



I found a very old book in a book shop when I was searching some interesting story books to read. I got and took it at my home. When I opened that book I found some ancient maps, codes and some symbols. It was very interesting when I studied in detail. I figure out all the secret codes present there. I found that there is some treasure on Zamlope Island (the mysterious island).

When I looked at the next page I saw some letters in the form of scrabble and a triangle to fill them, so I put quickly all the letters in the same way. When I turned the next page I saw a magic key glowing over there in a secret chamber in that book. I felt to explore that map, so I took the key, book and my pet. I set a voyage in the mysterious island with my friend Tommy. In this connection, we took a small sail for our voyage to the mysterious island.

During the voyage we had to face difficult challenges there were Sharks in the sea, Sea-monsters, huge tidal waves, heavy rains and stormy winds. I and my friend were really tired thirst and hunger.

After two days we suddenly saw an Island with water-falls, vegetables and much fruits. Then we ate some vegetables and fruits and drank fresh water. I saw a human skeleton over there as we were little bit afraid. So, I was sure that a human lived here and died due to some reasons in past time. I was sure that we could not be survived on that Island, so I and my friend Tommy decided to leave that Island as soon as possible.

We passed the seven seas one by one and till we reached that mysterious Island. The mysterious Island was covered with dust and sand dunes with no water but a lot of rain. So, we quickly ran for the treasure. Then we saw the wild tribes waiting for food. We quickly hid and quietly passed them, and then we saw a river made of both mud and water. We saw a rabbit which were going pass the river then when it put a foot there it felt and got stuck and drowned. I got an idea suddenly…!, I cut a tree on a side which felt on the river like a bridge. After passed that river we saw a cave with wide stoned door. We tried to open that stoned door with the key and code which I had read in the book. The door opened and we went inside the cave and took all the precious ancient treasure from the cave and use a teleport to go back to our home. And finally I and my friend Tommy became very rich.

--:  The End  :--

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