A Dragon Full of Tears

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A child's story with a lesson for all ages. A happy Pixie meets a sad Dragon.

Submitted: May 07, 2016

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Submitted: May 07, 2016



There once was a dragon full of tears and this dragon was full of tears because she dragon seldom cried.

This dragon did not’t like to cry because the heat from her breath turned her tears to steam, then the steam would turn to fog and the dragon, caught in this cloud of fog, could not see where she was going or where she had been. This condition always left her feeling lost and alone; which depressed her even more.

The poor dragon was in such a very bad situation, feeling so sad and lost at the same time. So the dragon decided that the only way to keep from getting lost in a tear-fog was to just hold back the tears and never cry. You see, the dragon reasoned, “If I hold back the tears then there will be no fog and I will be able to see where I'm going and where I've been. I'll still be sad, but at least I'll be able to see.”

And so it was, the dragon stayed in her cave and didn't cry for a whole week, which solved the problem of the fog.

However, she was still sad and that depressed her to the point that she did not want to come out of her cave at all! She just laid around in her cave being sad and feeling very sorry for herself.


So now that I have told you about the dragon and why she is in her cave, I guess it is time to tell you what happened after that.


One day a Pixie was gathering dewdrops in the meadow, very near the dragon’s den.

The den was a cave in a hillside, surrounded by large boulders and the boulders had ivy growing up and over one side. 

Anyway, as the Pixie drew near the cave entrance and saw the dragon inside she said, “What are you doing in there? 

“Being sad and depressed,” replied the dragon.

“Well, Dahl! Giggled the Pixie. “You’re sitting in the dark on such a beautiful summer’s morning. That would depress anyone except a Gopher! --- Maybe?”

At that moment the pixie spied a very good looking dewdrop and put in her basket.

“ You should come outside and feel the warm sun,” the pixie exclaimed, sounding very chipper.”

“Come listen to the birds singing and smell some flowers, that will make you feel much better,” the pixie said, while skipping around among the flowers.

“I don’t want to,” snapped the dragon! “Sometimes when I go out into the bright sunlight it makes me sneeze. And besides, some of those flowers might make me sneeze too!”

“Oh really?” Questioned the pixie.

“Well, you might not sneeze at all! Did you think of that?

Or you might sneeze only once today, and it is true, you might sneeze more times than that, but you won’t sneeze forever,” the pixie countered.

“Besides, when the sneezing is over your head will be all cleared up and you’ll feel much better, honest,” exclaimed the pixie. 

“Every time I sneeze fire comes out my nose and I burn the flowers and even the clover,” sighed the dragon. I’d rather see the flowers uncooked, from inside this cave, if you don’t mind.”

The dragon sighed again and put her head down on a rock.


The pixie thought for a moment and then replied, “Are you kidding me, why don’t you just sneeze up?

You do know what I mean don’t you? 

Just point your face up when you feel a sneeze coming on. After all, there are no flowers in the sky to burn.”

“Hmmm, UP”, wondered the dragon out load, “I never tried sneezing up. That just might work!”

“So, you’ll come out?” Questioned the Pixie.

“Heavens no,” was the dragon’s reply, “I’m much too sad.”

“What have you got to be sad about? You’re a magical, mystical, dragon for pet’s sake”, the Pixie scolded.

“Not only can you fly, you can ride on clouds for hours on end. Being able to ride on clouds, well, that would sure make my day,” the Pixie grumbled as she gathered another dewdrop.

“Oh, and another thing,” said the Pixie,  “you can cook your food as you eat it, no pre-heating the oven, no microwaves needed, just blow and eat; boy, what a deal.

You should be counting your blessings, not sulking in there like an old Boo-hoo Bird,” scolded the Pixie as she arranged her dewdrops in neat little rows.

“But I can’t cry,” whined the dragon. “My tears turn to steam and the steam makes fog, then the fog gets real thick and I can’t see. And when I can’t see, then I don’t know where I’m going or where I’ve been. 


“Well,” Countered the Pixie, “If you lay in that den all day and night, never coming out, then you haven’t gone anywhere, anyway! In there, you don’t need to see where you’ve been or where you’re going, because you haven’t moved. So, as far as I can see, that den may be the best place to do your crying, if you really must, and get it over with. Then you’ll feel better and won’t miss a thing”, laughed the Pixie as her green eyes sparkled in the morning sunlight.

What the Pixie said took the dragon by surprise.

It was true, out of fear the dragon had not ventured out of that den for a very, very, long time.


“What a waist,” the dragon thought.


Now, the thought of all that wasted time made the dragon even sadder than she already was. Her big bottom lip started to quiver and her big green eyes welled up with tears. Tears that she found very hard to hold back.

The dragon thought, “Oh dear, I’ve wasted so much time feeling sorry for myself, I could have gone swimming in the mystic lakes, had picnics by the emerald pond, or went exploring in the ripple-stone canyon. I could have been riding clouds around the world. I might have made a new friend along the way, maybe even two.”


Suddenly, the dragon started to cry. Her dragon tears flowed like rain and the tears turned to steam right away.

Then the steam turned to fog and the fog got thicker and thicker. The fog was so thick that the pixie could no longer see the cave, or the boulders, or even the hillside. That hillside was now covered in a thick dragon fog and the fog was growing bigger every moment.

Then, all of a sudden, the thick fog started to rise! And as it rose, higher and higher into the sky, it formed one humongous cloud.

All the animals and birds in the meadow stopped what they were doing just to watch the forming of this wondrous cloud .

It was the biggest, puffiest, whitest, cloud that the pixie had ever seen! It was so big and beautiful that the pixie fell over backwards just trying to see it all.

Well, the pixie had made such a fuss over how big and beautiful the cloud was that even the dragon had to stop crying and come outside to see it.

“Look what you did,” exclaimed the pixie!”

“Have you ever seen such a cloud in your whole life? It is humongously humongous and wondrously wondrous!”

“It is pretty big,” mumbled the dragon in amazement.


{A few minutes of silence past by as the pixie and the dragon stood side by side, just staring at the cloud.}


“Well, what are you waiting for,” asked the pixie, “aren’t you going to take a ride on that humongously humongous dragon cloud of yours?”

The dragon wiped away the last of a tiny tear from one eye and said, “You can bet your dewdrops that I’m going to ride it! In fact, I just might ride it all the way around the world!”

Having said that, the dragon stood up real tall and opened her very large wings. Then the dragon flapped her wings and stretched her body as she took off into the sky.

She flew back and forth and up and down across the sky, gaining altitude as she went. And when she arrived at the edge of the cloud the strangest thing happened, she suddenly started falling back to earth. She fell head first, wings back, and straight down!

“Oh no,” Cried the pixie, “that dragons going to crash! She is going to crash and it’s all my fault! I’m the one who got her to cry, I’m the one who called her out of the cave and told her she should ride that cloud, and now, and now she is going to crash and burn! I can’t bare look!”

With that said, the pixie buried her head in her hands and cried!


“Hello,” said a whispery voice. “Hello in there,” the voice said again.

The pixie lifted her head to see who was whispering, but she couldn’t see much because her eyes were full of tears. She wiped her eyes with a bougainvillea flower and blew her nose.

“There, that’s much better,” she thought.

“I said hello. Aren’t you going to answer me?” The same voice whispered.

The pixie turned around and there was the dragon right behind her.

“You didn’t crash!” The pixie squealed as she ran around the dragon to see if any dragon parts were bent or broken.

The pixie was so excited and happy, still running around the dragon and asking all sorts of questions. “Did you fall into a lake or a haystack, or some other soft thing? Is that why you’re in one peace?” 

“Boy, I thought you were done for, you were heading for the ground at about a zillion miles an hour!” The pixie exclaimed. “I just couldn’t stand to watch any longer,” she said as she dramatically covered her face with her arm. It was all too horrific, too horrible, too horrendous, and I was mortified!”

The dragon started to laugh. Giggles at first, then those giggles turned into an all out, fall on the ground, belly-rolling laugh!

“What is so funny?” The pixie shyly giggled as she asked.

“I wasn’t going to crash, ever,” explained the dragon, “I was just stretching my wings. When I’ve been in that little den of mine for too long I need stretching and that is the best way to do it.”

The dragon continued with the story, “This is what I do, I head straight for the ground at a high rate of speed and, just at the right moment, I open my wings real wide. Opening my wings slows me down real fast and I come to a stop about a foot from the ground. Last but not least, I pull my wings into my body and I touchdown!”

“You mean you weren’t going to crash, ever?” The pixie asked.

“No, never was going to,” answered the dragon.

“You scared me pretty bad,” replied the pixie.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” the dragon answered while snickering.

“You don’t sound very sorry,” the Pixie replied, also snickering.

“Well, it’s just the look on your face,” the dragon said while pointing at the pixie’s face with her big old dragon tail.

“This is going to cost you a ride on that cloud of yours” the pixie joked.

“I was going to give you a ride anyway,” the dragon answered.

“O.K.. then, two rides,” demanded the pixie.

The dragon replied, “Done, two rides it is.”


At that point the pixie climbed onto the dragon’s back and the dragon took off like a shot, heading for the dragon cloud.

I could hear the two of them talking as they sailed along on the cloud.

“By the way,” asked the dragon, “what’s your name?”

“Ty-ann,” replied the pixie.

“That’s a pretty name,” said the dragon.

“And what is your name?” Asked Pixie.

“Dragon,” was the reply from the dragon.

“Get out‘a here!” hollered Pixie. Your name isn’t really Dragon, is it?”

“No, not really,” whispered the dragon with a chuckle.

“Come on, quit joking around,” demanded Ty-ann, “tell me your real name or I’m going to tickle your belly until you fall off this cloud.”

“O.K.., O.K..,” replied the dragon with a smile. My real name is Elliminadaree, but all my friends just call me Elli.”

Ty-ann snickered and said, “Well,  I'm going to have to call you Elli 'cause I can't say Ellemon-A-daruary!”

Then Elli happily smiled and replied, “O-key-doe-key!”


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