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Submitted: May 08, 2016

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Submitted: May 08, 2016



Billy Henderson ran with the football at his feet. Yes, he was a few inches away from the goal! A few more steps, then… SLAM! He crashed into his opponent, and he fell right to the floor on his face. His opponent threw his head back and laughed, then gave the ball back to Billy. Then, he stood up and attempted to run with his twisted ankle, but he failed, and when he tried to kick, the ball flipped the other way and scored into his own goal. The PE teacher, Mr Sudgen, blew his whistle and smiled as he watched the Bone Crushers celebrate and the Knockouts lecture poor Billy.

“4-1 to the Bone Crushers! Knockouts, you beat them the last few matches! What on earth happened? And, as for you Mr Henderson, you better come with me, pal. You’re having a punishment!” shouted Mr Sudgen, grabbing Billy by the wrist and taking him to the bathroom. Billy wondered what was going to happen. A bathroom. Very harmless.

“Get in there, lad. And strip off in the changing room first. You’re having a shower!” muttered Mr Sudgen angrily. Billy sighed and got changed. A shower. Like all ordinary people, he was going to take a shower. Billy didn’t mind. That meant that he wouldn’t have to bother with a shower at night. So he shrugged and stepped into the shower. But, instead of a nice hot shower, it was a worse, cold shower! Billy shivered and cursed Mr Sudgen under his breath.

Then, 5 minutes passed, so thankfully the water was turned off so Billy could have time to shampoo and body wash himself. But, instead of being cold, it was XXF (double extra freezing)! Billy couldn’t bear it anymore. He tried to get out but was too cold even to blink. He was crying, but no sound came out. And guess what? He turned into ice! There was no Billy, there was an ice statue!

When Mr Sudgen came out, he screamed. He didn’t know the punishment would be extra bad! The boy guards at the shower were also petrified.

“Can we get him out now, sir?” asked the guards politely. Mr Sudgen instantly knew the answer to that. “Yes, lads,” replied the terrified, guilty PE teacher in his serious voice. So the guards opened the door and changed it from XXF to XXH (double extra hot). But, instead of saving him, he melted! The boy guards/ Mr Sudgen reacted in the same way as they did when Billy was frozen. To save him, they put his remains in a bucket and changed it to normal, then he came back alive. They wanted to give Billy a rest, but, unexpectedly, he changed into his football kit and trainers, then ran like a bullet into the game, and shot 6 goals!

“7-5! And the game is finished, with the Knockouts being the winner and once again, claiming their prize!” announced Mr Sudgen. The Knockouts celebrated and thumped Billy playfully on the back. The Bone Crushers started crying.

They all had a party with food, drink, and music! Lyrics filled the air as Billy Henderson, champion of the school football match, grinned.

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