I Imagine

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Submitted: May 08, 2016

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Submitted: May 08, 2016



I Imagine


As I lay here,

I imagine.


I imagine

Memories flashing through my mind,

Like old photographs.

As they fall I see each depiction.

Each image frozen in time,

Each moment captured.

A multitude of words come to mind,

When I look at these photographs.

But what truly matters is what is

Unseen behind the white frames.


I imagine,

Hand written letter.

As they are shaken,

The words fall onto a blank canvas.

Each specifically chosen to describe the unseen memories.

Each sentence strung together explaining invisible movements.

I could imagine a hundred different photographs,

From just one sentence.

But what truly matters

Is the hand the held the pen.


I imagine,

A storm.

Not one with thunder and rain

But a storm of ideas and creativity.

Throwing, thrashing, swirling around

Trying to a line the words running wild,

Endeavoring to tell the hand what to write.

I could watch the chaos perpetually.

But what truly matters

Is the phenomenon that inspired the tempest.


I imagine,


An elegant grey hue to the world.

A sweet breeze pushing the leaves.

The enlivening algidity of the ground.

I watch as the clouds move,

And the sky escapes its solitude.

It rages a war of whim.

Promoting penned effigy and motionless memories.


Time continues to pass,

And as I lay here

I imagine. 

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