Tale of Lost Light

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The Tale of Lost Light, will begin the fantasy story of a war between the forces of light and dark. This story gives a little insite to the mind of a man who believes in a kingdom that most believe doesn't exists. It begins to set up a way of thinking for agents of the light kingdom.

Submitted: May 08, 2016

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Submitted: May 08, 2016



Tale of Lost Light


I have spent a long time trying to find the hidden light, searching high and low for the light which would bring the world and my life at peace. After a while it became exhausting, searching for something that nobody wants you to find. Everyone perceives the light differently, some say it is a higher power that watches over you. Others say that it is something you create yourself, an inner feeling that is all about self. Some say it is happiness found from connecting with others, connecting with yourself, feeling of achievement, even the feeling of love. I say they are all wrong, I say our way of thinking of what true power of light is just way off. What happen to the thinking of another place, a magical place, a place of peace, a place of just light? I still believe in the kingdom of light. I believe that the hidden light is a true place where all can find inner peace and happiness no matter how life is moving the light brings all together and makes all of us one.

Have you ever just stopped and look up at the sky? And no not in a God loving religious way, just looked up a stared into the sun? Every day I would stop and stare into the sun because I seeing the light when you redirect your eyes was the closest I have ever been to touching the kingdom. Pure light is what our sun gives us just pure light. It allows us to see the world in a way that it should have been seen as pure. Just imagine the world as blank piece of paper, those who need self-substances or need others approval for creative thinking would describe it as boring. I describe a blank piece of paper as a creator’s dream, a untouched canvas that can show feeling, thought, or even hopelessness. Stare into the purity of the sun, see the kingdom of a blank canvas waiting for you and only you.

Imagine a kingdom, not a fairytale filled with castles, kings and queens, or true love. Imagine a kingdom of welcoming and acceptance, where the light can be touched and you can feel the purity of its power. What if you could reach out and grab it, play with it in your hands and absorb the power it contains. What if you could use it to whiten out the darkness of the consumer built world? Scientist say the universe is nothing but endless darkness filled with planets, suns, moons, and comets. Does nobody see the purity in the universe, how the light could guide us across the endless universe? I want this power, I want the power of curing the world of its darkness and spreading the light across the universe. We waste time searching for life across our universe, but why punish ourselves knowing life exist in places we will never reach. We learn so much about the universe yet argue about its creations, turn down our existence because our self-fulfillment just wants more and more. Never being satisfied. Never to be fully satisfied.

I want the power to continue and advance, to move past selfish need and want. Once the kingdom has finally come out of the shadows I want to lead the fight against the darkness. The light will always represent peace and welcoming, but the shadows cannot be ignored. A war will begin with the army of the shadows to finally expose the kingdom of light, to begin to retake or world and or universe and return it to the peace and welcoming the original light gave us. Our sun gave us the purity, we have allowed it to be destroyed not just our world but we accepted the darkness control of our universe. I will make sure that the kingdom retakes our universe and spread the light across the galaxy.  

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