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Submitted: May 08, 2016

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Submitted: May 08, 2016



Milka's mother
dishes up dinner

her father and brothers
sit around the table

Milka sits on the end
deep in thought

after dishing up all meals
the mother sits down
next to Milka
opposite her husband

the father says grace
and they all mutter an Amen
then begin the meal

the father talks
about a cow that's sick

her brothers follow
with talk of the fishes
they nearly caught
but got away

Milka says nothing
but watches her mother
who talks about a new coat
she'd like but was maybe
(gazing at the husband)
too dear

Milka wonders
if her mother
does fancy Benny
and if given a chance
she'd lead him up to bed
and have her
middle-aged way with him
and he just 16 and a bit
Milka muses darkly
mouthing mashed potatoes
after all she always seems
all over him if I'm upstairs
bathing or getting ready
always plying him
with tea and biscuits
and wiggling
(according to Benny)
her backside and pushing out
her middle-aged breasts
near him
(if what Benny
says is true)

you're quiet
her mother says
what's got you
in a mood?

they all look at Milka
with forks half way
to their mouths

Milka says
looking at the tablecloth
a fork stuck in the sausage
not in a mood
just being quiet that's all
she says

you and Benny haven't
had a tiff have you?
her mother says
leaning in towards her

no we haven't
Milka says
wondering why her mother
thinks that why she'd
be interested in her
and Benny

your face says different
her mother says

the others continue to eat
Milka says nothing
but eats on

Benny seems ok
at work
one of her brothers says smiling
must be all right
the other brother says
never seen him
so happy

that's enough
the mother says
no winding Milka up
you know what she's like
if tormented

Milka eats and stares
at her father
to see if he'll say anything

the hens are laying well
he says
more eggs coming along
than ever

that's good
mother says
looking at him

Milka gazes at
her mother's breasts
wondering if Benny
was telling the truth
about them being motherly
and how would he know?

she eats her sausage
her eyes darkly aglow.

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