console your soul

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is about a console that is alive

Submitted: May 09, 2016

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Submitted: May 09, 2016



Console your soul

 The games are death


Games titles into real games

Aliens quadrant (aliens meets alien breed)

devils venture (uncharted)

Gun cars (full auto)

Devils Cerberus (devil may cry)

Metallic zombies (resident evil meets transformers)

Type of weapons and cars

Persian (Persia version of the Porsche)

Spysians (Mix of a spyder and Nissan)

Minotaur (mix of armoured Jeep and Land rover and fast as a spyder)

Lamger (mix of a Lamborghini and Dodge) 

Terminated spider (designed for game not put in- armoured as a tank fast as Spyder)




There were two hard-core gamers that decided to make a console of their own after months of building the mind console which they called it they entered it where you are put into a dream state to enter there was a lighting storm that hit the house and into the mind console. Devon and Gordon was in playing aliens quadrant Devon’s game he doesn’t like to play so out of care for Devon, Gordon killed Devon’s character by cutting off his head. But there was something wrong and that thing was Devon was dead in real life, after waking up he saw his best friend had truly died the same way as in the game but there was something even more terrifying he was still in the console dream state as a vengeful spirit that anyone that enters will be playing for their life but they can’t truly leave. After Gordon saw his friend dead he ran for his life until the police saw and caught and thrown into a mental hospital.


20 years later


During the 20 years in mental hospital Gordon somehow made a liquid that slows his ageing down so he looks like an 18-year-old boy so he escapes the mental hospital but after getting back to his place he knocked on the door he lived someone else is now living there and looked in the secret places he had made but the console was nowhere until the 20-year-old girl asked what he was looking for and who he was until Gordon explained the girl introduce herself her name was Stacy Lee. And Stacy said that the console Gordon was talking about someone had found it and took it as his and since then two thousand children have become mindless zombies but they don’t eat flesh they have no mind to speak of. So Gordon has to go back to college where they all are because he doesn’t know what happens if they die inside the game. Before Gordon goes back he needs to change his style of clothing, hair and hair colour, so at the end of the summer term he was just able to get into the college with Stacy. After getting to the gaming college Gordon could see the mindless students who has been inside of the mind console. One of the students turned and smiled at Gordon and said hello old friend in a horrifying voice of Devon’s. during the first day one of the lessons were to find out what is making the death console that is being called by the students until Gordon went in and said his best friend had died and stayed after a lighting storm hitting the console and said he might be able to stop the illness from the inside.

Inside of death console

Devon: Hello Gordon back to face your fears look what you have done to me.

Gordon: I did no such thing it was a lighting storm that caused all of this maybe we can work together to find what’s doing this and maybe make a time machine inside the console back to when it happened to stop all of this.

Devon: why should I help you this power I have is great it is everyone’s dream to have power like this you can die instead now leave if you can.

Devon’s personality: Gordon find the boy that has beaten all games he can help.


Back to reality


After Gordon had woke up he had still had his soul and was told to find the boy that had won the games a message from Devon’s personality. Everyone in the classroom notices who Gordon, is that he was the one who created the console and killed his best friend to take the money. But all out of the blue the boy that had escape the games came out of thin air and said he was the one they were asking for. He said it was the best experience of game playing he had ever played but he came out with supernatural powers but only telekinesis, teleportation and I can turn into a bat his name was Matthew Long. After weeks later some of the students were out but for some reason they were acting they were still playing the game they enjoyed the most but they die where some climb onto buildings to into a secret room but fall to their deaths and can no longer leave the mind console. The way some of the student’s movement was like that adventure game called devils venture where you have to use everything you find to stay alive as they were using sticks and climbing to get to a door that is in the game but not in reality which is high up and falls to their death.


Is this how the game effects them after getting out with their soul but leaves their minds in the game? But something more sinister is happing inside the school but Gordon has no clue but he thinks someone is forcing students into the mind console.


So he contacted his uncle inside the FBI for background checks for teachers and Matthew Long as he knew about the console he believed Gordon about what happen but had no evidence. After a few hours his uncle came round to Stacy’s place and said there is no one that has this type of behaviour so it is all and Matthew Long is a beta tester and is the best there is. So at least Gordon has a hard core gamer as the school has one they all entered the console to find the cause all of this and they firstly entered the game gun cars.


Game: Gun Cars

Gordon, Stacy and Matthew awoke to a sound of clanking metal and saw they were in a garage full of cars with guns such as machine guns, shotguns, laser Gatling and rocket cannons. And a NPC comes up and asks to choose a Car there was Persian, Spysians, Minotaur and langder each with strengths and weakness. After choosing their cars they appeared onto the race track and out of the air was a voice saying “start your weapons” 


do note this is not finish

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