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The snow crunched beneath my feet. The blizzard was increasing in intensity, but the cold barely bothered me. I kept walking straight, instictively knowing which way to go.

The gate of the castle loomed over me, its steel dors coated in snow. I didn't slow my stride as the gates opened slowly, stuck in the snow.

I smashed it out of the way and walked up to my client.

"It's dead." I held out my hand, and recieved a money bag.

"May I ask for your services again?" The man, head of the entire shelter project, looked freezing cold, bundled up in a thick coat, but he wasn't trying to show it easily.

"With what?" My voice croaked. Had I been alone that long?

"I am holding a tournament. I would like you to attend. To ensure nothing... happens."

"Fine. But it's going to cost."

"Isn't the prize enough?"

"Prize? Wait a second... You don't mean for me to participate?"

"Yes I do. It is the best way to ensure maximum safety after all."


I tolerated the man before. Now I hated him. I turned around and walked straight to the colosseum, disregarding anything else he had to say.

As I entered the arena, all the grouos of sheltered orphans, or those that had nowhere to live, the bulk of the shelter's users, all went quiet. No-one dare even move.

The reason? Me. One of the toughest mercenaries around, capable of shredding them to pieces, even outnumbered and unarmed. I had this kind of effect on most people.

I quickly paced across the arena, and waited for the fights. These 'pre-fights' were almost a tradition, a chance to check out the other competitors, and to choose team mates. However, usually team mates are chosen according to friendships and reputations rather than skill, leading to badly chosen teams, that lack in a certain skill.

The 'pre-fights' c

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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