The Longing

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When Ava wakes up in a mental ward, her thoughts get lost but when a certain someone checks on her, her memory's come back, the good and the bad...

Submitted: May 09, 2016

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Submitted: May 09, 2016



*Drip*, *Drip*, *Drip*. The sounds of water falling onto the sodden ground awakes a young girl. Her hair was tangled in a mess, like a vine intertwining around a tree. Her complexion was that pale that you could compare it to a marble slate and there would be a slender difference. Within this complexion was a button-like nose, a glowering maw, which no grin had passed through for long time, and icy-blue eyes that coruscated within each blink. Her frame was cadaverous with arms lying lifeless against her slender hips, her legs were delicate and fine and her dainty-feet were pointed to precision. How long has she been here for? What does she hark back to? Is she aware of her actions?

The young girl looked around, helpless. The walls were crepuscular and where the light shone, blood sprawled across. The walls were mouldy and the ceiling had several bullet-holes in them. Her eyes adjusted to the dark and above was a faint shimmer of light, above her was a naked light-bulb, shining bare minimum. The distance to the door was a mere 8 feet and her bed was creaky within any movement. However, it wasn't the mouldy walls or the dim light-bulb, it was the puddle of water that drew her attention. The shimmer of water caught her eye, she fumbled to the pool of water, and peered in. In the water she glanced at a fragile female, with clothes clinging onto her, eyes sunken in. Her mouth gaped open and a single tear feld from her eye. Who was she? *Click*, she heard a lock go from her door. She quickly scrambled back to the bed before covering the puddle with a scrap of what were her clothes. The door opened and let out a peircing light.

The poor girl squinted, until a broad figure came to place. Was this her saviour? Was she in heaven?



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