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Submitted: May 09, 2016

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We cannot let the Capitalists of America win. The Authoritarian Corporatist/Capitalist Agenda is being advanced every single day that we are not fighting back.

Monopolies are constantly losing their grounds and profits to the next, bigger and better monopoly. The American Business is thriving off of competition. Competition is mainly executed by most Americans already for the companies themselves. By creating certain rivalries betwixt certain companies that are both in the same general region of production, this can cause major issues within the workplace.

Another Capitalist regime is greed. The American Bourgeoisie(top 1% in nation that make $200,000 or more) use greed to capture the American mind to force it to believe that they must buy the most new and improved product on the market that they are distributing, and the old product that you currently own now, is all but completely obsolete and in typical pop-culture and the modern American youth, it has become frowned upon to still own that product after the newest has been released. In contrast to this, the idea of constantly changing your products to be upgraded and refurbished for improved usage is very important due to change and evolution, that of which is required to create the perfect product(no matter the use of said product). Using that idea to its unintended advantage, is the regime by the Corporatist mindset, and that all mechanisms were created through exploitation of the American worker by this same mindset.

The current ratio between labor and pay, is noticeably wedged by a gap based on gender and whether you were privileged in society.

Now finally, the last destructive tactic that fuels the American Business, and the most important factor in the entire business itself; money. Money is destroying all of society and has been since the pre-modern Industrial Revolution in the early-to-mid 19th century, and before that time, paper money was just used as a bond for someone to hold onto until your wealth was repaid back later, whether it be through land, food, or other miscellaneous needs/wants. Paper money, at the time, had worth to itself due to the Gold Standard and paper money being backed up by worth.

Currently in our modern era, the only major necessity for anyone anymore, is having money. Food, water, and shelter are all by-products by which money can simply accommodate for. Desperate people, whether it be by greed or fear, will risk a lot for paper money and this can be proved by looking at robberies(on businesses and banks), murder, and ruining another’s life by taking their wealth(personal theft). Human morale and basic adult maturity, has become an exhaustive failure in modern and contemporary American society due to the increase of the dependency on paper money.

In America, with money, life is able to be enjoyed. Privileges and luxuries are only able to be obtained, through paper money compensation. Life cannot even be enjoyed, without the ownership of money. In order to live your life, money is required to continue your existence as a human, no matter the age.

Looking at the colonisation of North America and the establishment thereof, it can be seen that the driving force behind slavery was making major crop profit and the owners of the African American slaves to make more money and live a free and much more enjoyable life that which of their slaves. By taking advantage of a specific group of people, (which Africans at the time were all going through tremendous class struggle within their own society as well) the Southern Bourgeoisie, Petty-Bourgeoisie and Right-Wing Agrarian plantation owners of the conservative South destroyed the morale of the African American community within America for many years, and can be seen today in more recent events that the African American class struggle is still prominent in the United States due to numerous police brutality incidents on young African American males and females over the course of 100+ years(from about 1920s-present day) and the oppression of African Americans that is still looming in the Southern US through scare-tactics such as racism and life-threatening intimidation by radical White and southern white-supremacists, known as the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party. As a result of greed over paper money and Southern US slave-owners amassing wealth through drudgery, an entire preponderant community, within a nation, has received centuries of oppression and abuse by the American traditional Capitalists and Right-Wing activists.

The most prominent tactic behind modern Capitalism is the use of competition. Competition between one or more companies can be exorbitantly dangerous for the common consumer and also for the American worker as well. With competition, prices will eventually become lowered in order to sell more product due to a rival company(s) selling their similar product, for a lesser price. After the business has changed their prices to fit more to what the rival company charges for their products, the company will begin to lose money compared to what they made before the price development. In response to this, the demand for the company’s product has increased tremendously since the price was lowered to benefit the common consumer. As a significant result of this price reduction, the workers in the company's workplace have also been required to work significantly harder in order to keep up with the demand. Because of this, the work is for the same pay but with fewer results than before. After increased labor,  the working conditions would begin to deteriorate and this will become much more difficult to keep up with as time and demand increases exponentially(since that is what a business aims for) and that increased labor would begin to become unhealthy for the workers. Since the company will begin to produce a lot more of their product, they will also be making more money than before, but are selling more product than before, so they are technically making less money as a result of competition between businesses, which could then lead to wage cuts from profit decrease which could very easily damage many lives and families as a result of the wage cuts and possibly, the introduction of the use of hazardous substances to be used in the product’s production process to increase its attraction, to decrease the amount of budget spending on the materials used to create the product and to increase production rates by making it easier to make the product and making it faster than before, in order to make more money.

The use of hazardous substances to increase productivity is no topic unheard of. A popular circumstance with the use of a hazardous substance to increase the productivity and to make the product more accessible, was the use of lead in paint(Lead was used in paint up until 1977 when The United States' Consumer Product Safety Commision(CPSC) banned the use of, and current placement of lead paint on public buildings and residential property). However, since the discovery of lead, its poisonous components have been avowed, yet why did paint companies still make use of lead in their paint? The law that was soon passed by the European Union and North America, should have never had to have been issued, because the use of Lead in any substance should have been discouraged by the common worker and businessman, no matter the product or price or demand.

From the use of lead in paint, the first that were in contact were the factory workers. The workers had experienced what it was like to be poisoned every time they worked. Many workers as a result, died of lead poisoning from working in toxic environments.

The next in that were contact were the consumers; A majority of the consumers were parents, particularly for their children since lead paint was the top coating on the majority of children’s toys that were being made at that time(children at young ages chew on things due to their growing teeth and the natural urge to use your mouth a lot at a young age, and young children were ingesting lead from their toys). Children, for many years, were being poisoned by the companies that their parents were buying their toys from.

So the most obvious question still awaits: why was lead used in paint? Many companies made use of lead in paint due to its low price. It was the cheapest and fastest substance that was used to make paint with at the time. After the law made by the CPSC, the substitution of lead was primarily changed to Titanium Oxide across the world. Titanium Oxide is more expensive than lead, but has no harmful properties in it.

A toxic substance was used by numerous companies because it was the cheapest product on the market so that the business can accumulate more wealth, and the consumer, well, do the producers really even care about the consumers at all?

Finally, the last component in the corrupt system of the American Business is greed. Greed has become the driving force behind American money in the last two centuries, and money has become the driving force behind greed in response to this cultural shift. In most pop culture, having the most money is the declaration of your worth. Money is the physical example of modern greed. Ever since the decline of the use of Gold and Silver, paper money has begun to lose value because of the lack of Gold and Silver that is backing up the amount of money that is able to be printed, but printing money has become a major hobby of the Federal Government in the US.

The American Elite(top 1%) (or the American Bourgeoisie) are currently aware of the decline in the relevancy of money and its declining worth. Paper money is losing its value due to inflation and over-printing and the American Elite are very aware of this issue. In order for them to compensate for the inflation of American money, is to buy the only resource that never loses its full value: property.

Private Property has become the major target-resource that attracts the rich and high-class Americans, and as time passes on and the American dollar is losing its value, the Bourgeoisie are going to begin buying land in order to keep their wealth and personal value and to make sure it is rightfully compensated. And with the possible increase in the purchase of private property, less land will be available for the public.


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