Won't let me out

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Freedom always has a price.
Be judged n labled is Amway priceless.
So who is the real bad guy

Submitted: May 09, 2016

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Submitted: May 09, 2016



I am being held for random But not from people. It is my own thoughts That keep me caged Caged like a puppy in the park. Watching those around me take for granted. N trying to understand the reasons Why the good hearted are forced Forced to redo the basic hard ships That brought us to ours knees. I'm the 1st place. We all may be built with same. We all night share the same for n donts. We all might bleed cry n hurt inside. But it takes stong will powerful To allow the world as is around To point n day that's the bad guy. When I'm fact they know only what they wish to see.books are all made in diff sizes colors n shapes. But all can be more taken the wrong way. We are shown at early ages to stand out. To do do w.e makes us happy. Do as we see fit to better one self. But then when we stand talk n hold out heads high. We are judged. We are laughed at . Pushed to the conner. Told we are crazy. Crazy for trying something outside the norm. But then if what we do is of everyone's liking we thrown smiles n well done. But if we act on something that is usefull for one's well self being (even if it's not as everyone esle) We are labled snakes.dogs n thoughtless. But yet it is those who walked befor is always telling n teaching out going to stand up for what I believe in.have passion for what makes I smile..(as long as it keeps then above us)that is what they never warned us about. It is the we were not shown. To be diff. To be unlike those around us Is to only be broke Beating down emotionally Our flaws and last mistakes Are thrown in our faces To keep us grounded n chained Chained to being under classed. And when those under dogs or snakes reach that breaking point It was justified as tough love. Tough love to try to make so call "weak" stronger n aware. So I end this with this... Some books have been abused Then n having pages missing. But that does not change the fact that they are yet still a book. ..

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