The Hourglass

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A man goes out for a walk on a beautiful autumns day, and finds an abandoned house.

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



As the lone man wandered throughout the pink forest on his afternoon walk, the decaying autumn leaves crunched at his every step. The warm sun dressed itself along the earth like a comfortable evening gown and the sky was completely cloudless. It was the perfect day for a walk. 

Not too far ahead was a nearby bed of a waterfall. The water calmly dipped down, gentle as a raindrop. Scattered around it were River-plants, a large rose-like plant, creating what could be a very beautiful painting. 

A little walk west from there was a small wooden home, seemingly abandoned.

The lone man approached the door and gently knocked. 

There was no answer. He knocked again, this time asking 

"Is anyone home?"

Again, there was no answer. He slowly opened the door and made his way inside. 

The interior was cramped and cold. A strange aura danced in the air. 

The lone man scanned near the collapsed bed and found an hourglass. It was completely out of place in its immaculate condition, reflecting shiny gold. 

The man picked up the hourglass and a great spark erupted, sending a shock wave throughout his entire body, dropping the hourglass in the process. 

The gorgeous day was now gone, everything had become a vast, foggy, grey plain of emptiness around him. He just stood there utterly devastated, wondering what he had done. 

A faint shape slowly emerged from the fog, lunging itself forward, with arms and legs twice the size of a normal man's. 

It stopped and sniffed the air. 

It looked directly over to the lone man's direction and bolted towards him. 

The man froze in a terrible fright. 

The monstrous shape was getting closer. 

The man darted his eyes, searching for a means to escape. 

Its hideously stretched face was in clear view. 

He looked to the ground and found the hourglass. 

The man picked it up.

The great spark erupted once again, sending out another shock wave. 

The things screams were of a hideous pain. 

Everything was back to normal. The man was once again inside the abandoned house. 

He placed the hourglass back where he found it and fled straight out the door, never to return again. 

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