The Outcast

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An outcast, alone in the world and ready to run away. But can one person change everything for her?

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



She will never be pretty, she will never be like the other girls with their perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect body and perfect friends. She was an outcast, nobody ever wanted to talk to her, in school if they had to be partnered up nobody wants to work with her, in fact she can feel the room drop when the teacher forces her to pair up with someone. She can see them sigh and she sees the looks their friends give them because their friend was stuck with her.

She knew why they didn’t like her, it was because she was different, she dressed different, even in school uniform she somehow managed to be different, she wasn’t pretty enough or popular enough for anyone to talk to her and if she was spoken to it was because someone had bumped into her or needed something that she was stood in front of. She was basically invisible to everyone, fellow pupils, teachers, even her own parents barely took notice of her.

She has thought about running away, running away from her life to somewhere new where nobody knew her, she was sure that no-one would miss her, in fact she was positive they wouldn’t even notice she had gone. She catches a glimpse of herself in the reflection of the library window, she turns away almost instantly in disgust, she couldn’t stand to look at herself, she couldn’t stand to be herself. She looks back down at her book but she can’t concentrate, she could feel the monster within herself rising, coming back to haunt her. ‘I was getting better’ she thinks to herself ‘but I’ll never be better, because I am me’. Never pretty, never happy, never noticed, always invisible.

“Hi, I saw you here alone and then noticed you were reading the same book as me, can I sit with you” he speaks, he is beautiful, his voice deep but full of passion and kindness, it made her feel safe, he has flaws too, an outcast just like her. “Sure” she manages to say. “Thanks” he grins…

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