Just a stroll

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Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



Just a stroll on my terrace in this cold day,
Saw some pigeons resting & children enjoying there play…


I went to the extreme to take a look,
The picturesque scenery got me hooked ….


There sat a boy who was playing with wood,
So much engrossed, to make a hood….


He sank so deep in that woody-creation,
That nothing else could lure his attention…..


And there was a girl, cleaning chairs,
With such affection as does a little girl comb her dolls hairs. …


I stood there; envying their state,
Mulling about self & cursing my fate….


I wish I could inherit there tranquil quality,
And live in each moment with totality….


In that moment came a thought with strife,
Will this not happen later in that woody-boy’s & cleaning girl’s life....


When they will leave the childhood-heaven life,
And will join the adulthood where they will be slaughtered with worldly-knives…

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