Dekka 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The idea for this book came after seeing both Muse videos 'Psycho' and 'Dead Inside'. It was completed to coincide with the release of their album 'Drones'. It explores just how an average person could be turned into a cold blooded, unemotinal being who will kill to order.
It is just over 38,000 words long, with 55 short chapters. I would really welcome all feedback and comments as I am considering writing a follow-up.

Table of Contents


2. Abducted. The first thing I become aware of is the total darkness. Not even the slightest hint of light. And then I become consci... Read Chapter

Why Me

3. Why Me?  I hear the sound of a fist or a foot making contact with something - someone. A bellowing voice shouting,... Read Chapter


4. Arriving I don't know how long we have been driving for. I guess much of the journey has been on main roads or motorways as there... Read Chapter

Out Of The Van

5. Out Of The Van The person next to me, the last person to be put inside and the one who is nearest to the doors, seems t... Read Chapter

The Hood Is Removed

6. The Hood Is Removed. The new pair of hands shove me forward. This person is no more gentle than the last. After just a few steps ... Read Chapter

The Corridor

7. The Corridor We start moving forward again. It seems that I am supposed to go faster now that I can sort of see my way. My captor... Read Chapter

The Cell

8. The Cell. This corridor is much like the last; plain white walls and ceiling, concrete floor. The light is perhaps a bit dimmer b... Read Chapter

In The Dark

9. In The Dark. I don't know if I lost consciousness or if I just fell into a deep sleep. It is so dark I am not even sure if I am a... Read Chapter

Still In Darkness

10. Still In Darkness. I've lost count of how many times I've woken and then slept. There is absolutely no way here of keeping track... Read Chapter

More Exploring

11. More Exploring. Still on hands and knees I continue along the next wall. It feels the same as the last one, so much so that I th... Read Chapter


12.Silence. As well as the darkness there is the silence. I cannot hear a sound that doesn't come from me. My pulse is a constant dr... Read Chapter

White Torture

13. White Torture. Without a warning of any kind my cell becomes flooded with a bright white light. It is a light so intense that an... Read Chapter

What Did I Ever Do To Deserve This?

14. What Did I Ever Do To Deserve This? I am not sure if I will ever recover from this assault of light. The room is dark now but th... Read Chapter


15. Screaming. I am finding it more and more difficult to remember things. I cannot picture my parents. I cannot remember their voic... Read Chapter


16. Red. Something is different. I can't make out what for a while but something inside this cell has definitely changed. Still no l... Read Chapter


17. Spill. The next thing that I become conscious of is that the heat has gone, or at least that it is fading. It is now little more... Read Chapter


18. Blue. My teeth are chattering. That is the first thing I notice. I want to stop them as it is annoying me and hurting my head. N... Read Chapter

Too Much

19. Too Much. The light is back. That piercing whiteness that makes me as blind, if not more so, than the total darkness. My eyes re... Read Chapter

Furry Bodies

20. Furry Bodies. I manage to peel my eyes open. At least I think I do. It is back to being such a solid intense blackness that I mi... Read Chapter

Them Or Me

21. Them Or Me. I have always had an absolute terror of rats. I can't explain why but it’s been like that since I was very young. ... Read Chapter


22. Broken. I can’t move any more. I cannot make the effort to drag myself up even by an inch. All I feel is pain; pain emanatin... Read Chapter


24. Treatment. Something very cold is touching my arm. The sensation is not really unpleasant but I am curious to know what is causi... Read Chapter

The Ward

25. The Ward. My eyes are starting to adjust now and I spend more time with them open. There is not an awful lot to look at as I see... Read Chapter

A Little Bit Of Kindness

26. A Little Bit Of Kindness. The two staff members are thorough in their treatment of me but totally impersonal. It is almost like ... Read Chapter


27. Cubicles. I don't know how much time passes in this strange and silent ward. In the nothingness I frequently replay in my head t... Read Chapter


28. Uniform. With the grey suits gone we all stay in our cubicles. Nobody has any interest in anyone else. We do not see each other,... Read Chapter

The Canteen

29. The Canteen. We walk along a corridor, each of us behind our own grey suited escort. It is not far and it does not take us long ... Read Chapter

In The Gym

30.  In The Gym. After a few more trips to the canteen with no further mishaps the grey suits again arrive, the same one for ea... Read Chapter

Assault Course

31. Assault Course. After lots of sessions in the gym we all seem to be much stronger. Some of us still have an advantage over other... Read Chapter


32. Trekking. On our return to the cubicles we are each given a small tub of foul smelling green ointment with instructions to use i... Read Chapter

Fallen Down

33. Fallen Down. That first trek was the only one that we didn't all arrive back in time, in spite of the fact that they were made p... Read Chapter


34. Stealth. Time passes and I am still growing stronger. The assault courses and the gym work are much more challenging.  It t... Read Chapter

What Goes Up Must Come Down

35. What Goes Up Must Come Down. When Marcus enters the holding cell I keep my eyes down and look at the floor. I know he is angry. ... Read Chapter

A Day In Society

36. A Day In Society. Marcus looks different without his grey suit, a lot less severe and more approachable. He is dressed casually ... Read Chapter


37. Fighting. Marcus reverts back to his silent self once we are on the mini-bus and so do I. I hope that I have done well. From the... Read Chapter

Increasing Thresholds

38. Increasing Thresholds. I do not think I sleep after witnessing the death match. It has shaken me but I must not let anyone know.... Read Chapter

Flipped Out

39. Flipped Out. I see no one for a while, just lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling or walls. I am not hungry so do not bother to... Read Chapter

Making My Way Back

40. Making My Way Back. The training is once again increasing in intensity. As well as two long sessions in the gym, we are outside ... Read Chapter

The Contest

41. The Contest. The instructor stands in front of us. I watch the raindrops falling from his hair as I wait for him to speak. We ... Read Chapter


42. Graduating. I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. I do not know if I sleep before Marcus returns. There is something more fo... Read Chapter

I Am Dekka 2

43. I Am Dekka 2. The grey suits arrive to escort us to our new room. We are still all together but are now in one open room with no... Read Chapter

The First Assignment

45. The First Assignment. Four people enter our room, one approaching each of us. These are not grey suits but the ones who do not w... Read Chapter

Getting The Job Done

46. Getting The Job Done. I do not like the clothes they have given me to wear. They are tighter, more closely fitting than my unifo... Read Chapter

Reporting Back

47. Reporting Back. Once back at base I am escorted to our room. Dekka 3 is already there but ignores my entrance completely. I, as ... Read Chapter

Getting Partnered

48. Getting Partnered. We are taken to yet another different room, no desk or chair in this one. A man is waiting for us. He is tall... Read Chapter

Further Training

49. Further Training. Sir is waiting for us in the gym. As we go through the doors we see what look like four strange backpacks plac... Read Chapter

Working As A Trio

50. Working As A Trio. With the demise of Dekka 3 we are no longer expected to work in pairs but as a trio on any group training. Mo... Read Chapter

Receiving The Second Assignment

51. Receiving The Second Assignment. We are summoned just after canteen, as we are approaching the shooting range.  A man and w... Read Chapter

Not My Job To Question

52. Not My Job To Question. I am dressed in my khaki tracksuit, well before anyone turns up to collect us. Dekka 1 has also opted fo... Read Chapter

They All Fall Down

53. They All Fall Down. It is a small plane that takes us to the aircraft carrier. The flight is luckily a bit smoother than that of... Read Chapter


54. Expendable. Dekka 1 and I wait and listen. There are no sounds of wildlife, no sounds of human habitation and no sounds of an... Read Chapter

The End

55. The End. The explosion when the bomb dropped was tremendous. Everything was destroyed; any remaining wildlife, buildings, trees,... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Oh wow! Kidnapped! A dangerous place to be!

Fri, May 19th, 2017 4:41pm


Thanks for reading. This was one of the first things I wrote!

Fri, May 19th, 2017 9:52am


Great first chapter, a thrilling cliffhanger at the end... can't wait to find out who those hands belong to!

Sat, July 1st, 2017 4:51am


Hey, thanks, Katilly. I hope you decide to keep going!

Sat, July 1st, 2017 1:03am

B.B. Hatt

I like the pacing of this piece. Not too fast, but not lingering over unimportant details either. I'm reading on!

Thu, August 3rd, 2017 2:20am


Glad to hear it. Thanks, B.B.!

Thu, August 3rd, 2017 1:51am

Keke Serene

Quite an opening chapter, Hully! A normal routine ending in a not normal way for sure. Appreciate the detail of the German Shepard, I love those dogs, they're so smart and beautiful

Mon, December 3rd, 2018 3:33pm


We used to have two of them. Thanks for giving this a try, Stars.

Mon, December 3rd, 2018 8:13am

Robert Helliger

A great first chapter.
The story is riveting.

Tue, October 29th, 2019 2:27am


This is still the favorite of mine that I've written, Robert. I hope you stick with it.

Tue, October 29th, 2019 7:45am


I'm not such a fan of Muse but think that they have very good things. Good beginning.

Sat, December 14th, 2019 3:30pm


Thanks for giving this a chance, Roman. This remains my favorite of everything I've written, although I have been told it is a bit bleak.

Sat, December 14th, 2019 10:41am

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