Leslie's 9th grade poem

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This is another poem written by Leslie, the main character of my story Uncage the Night. She wrote this one when she was in ninth grade. And yes, it has no title.
Due to it being really weird, she got bullied after school by three of her classmates accusing her of being a witch and demon amongst many other things.
(I really felt the need to publish something today and as I haven't written anything just yet, I thought I'd publish her poems while inspiration hits me right in the face again)

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



There is a girl all alone
In a room in the dark.
She is a prison
Bathing in treason.
Feel the darkness ignite
Your bones tonight,
Little one.
There is a girl, all she knows,
All she is, is the dark.
She can't run, she can't hide,
Her body is a trap.
Feel it drink your blood,
Let it free your soul,
Little brat.
It won't stop until
The last drop you spill.
Your veins like drains;
You need a purge.

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