the hunt

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has wolf references i guess lolz

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



The Hunt

The sun is shining brightly

Yet my tears still stain my face

Wolves are howling on the hunt

I am there prey

They tear me limb from limb

Teeth scraping my skin

Fear piercing through my veins

Sharp like needles

Eyes red like blood

Howls so loud

Rain now pours

Tears still fall

Wolves on the hunt

Tear me limb from limb

Screams shred through the day

The day now night

The rain still pours

Moon shines brightly giving more power to the Wolves

Their teeth sharp like needles

They pierce my skin

Fear boiling in my blood

Eyes so red

Redder than my blood

Howls so loid

Many Wolves follow

I am not dead

My limbs are scattered around

I still feel the pain they inflict

They go off of instincts

I go off of pain and fear

They are still on the hunt

They still strike fear

Fear is their power

Take it away and they cower

I don't have fear anymore

They back away

My limbs are scattered

My heart is shattered

My spirit is whole

My eyes shine bright against the night

The moonlight illuminates my spirit

The Wolves fall back

My limbs reattach

The hunt is over for them

Yet it has just begun for me

They can run and try and hide

But my spirit is to strong

I will find them

They will go through what they put me through



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