Daily Struggle of an Artist

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Pretty much what happens to everyone who draws a lot and posts things online.

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



I slammed down my pencil onto the desk, practically jumping out of my chair with joy.
"ALRIGHT!" I screamed enthusiastically, fist pumping into the air with fire in my eyes. "This, is the BEST THING I'VE EVER DRAWN, I'M SURE OF IT" I look at the image on the piece of paper on the table, carefully paying attention to every stroke caused by my pen and the rich colour that my markers filled it with. I felt proud every moment I stared at it, at by the second it seemed to be getting increasingly more beautiful. It practically radiated a glow because of just how glorious it seemed. 

DINGGGG. The ringing from the grandfather clock in the hallway reverberates throughout my quiet house. I quickly glance at the clock, checking the time.
"Oh no! It's already 3 AM!" I hastily stow my wonderful artwork into my folder before running upstairs. I leap into bed, pull the covers over me, and silently hope my mom doesn't find out I'm still awake.


The golden rays of sunlight shone in through the windows, notifying me that it was early in the morning. I roll over to my side and check my bedside clock - 12:34?! That's so early! I grumble as I somehow manage to drag my tired body down the stairs and to the fridge. Grabbing a cup of orange juice, I decide to look at my drawing again. I place the cup down and quickly flip through my art folder, trying to find the one.
"Ahah! Here it is!" I exclaim loudly as I pull the paper out. I give out a huge goofy grin as I remembered how proud I was yesterday, but as my eyes met my paper, the grin fell. 
"THIS IS HORRID!" I gasp as I drop the paper with horror. I move back slightly with shock, almost tripping. T-that drawing is horrible! I pick it up again, just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. It was awful, simply awful! The strokes weren't fluid and they were choppy! You could tell were the markers were lifted and nothing blended. The colour wasn't vibrant and the inking was done so poorly it seemed like a monkey could do better! How could I draw something this horrendous?! I tear it apart, piece by piece, making sure nothing was left. I rip it with all of my strength, reducing the object which was once a tree to absolute shreds. I throw the pieces on the ground and stamp on it violently - THIS THING NEEDS TO BURN TO DEATH! I pick it up and toss it in my fireplace before lighting the logs and paper on fire. I hear the cackles of the flames and silently stare as it burns to a crisp. I guess that's over, I bet I'll never regret doing that!

"Well then. Time to start a new drawing!"

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