Radioactive In The Dark

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Hey guys and gals. Hope you guys liked this. Tell me if you guys like it and I will dedicate most of my time to working on the next chapter.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sign-up

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



I first saw them on TV when I was 15- and boy did they look badass. The Demon Central Assault Force, their job was to drive the demons back to the gates of hell. Everyone thought that this would work… Well fuck, look at the great job they have done so far. Half the world is a warzone and my dumb ass is signing up for them. I need to- in order to keep my family safe. Walking up to the registration office made me regret my choice, but I would do anything to keep my little brothers alive. If only I didn't look as stupid as I felt- my family helped with me feeling stupid, them telling me that I shouldn’t do this, that it’s suicide, that I have better things to live for. Well they don’t understand that I’m not doing this me.

I walk up to the registration doors and stop before I grab the handle. What in the hell am I thinking?! I’m signing up to die! Very few DCAF come back from those battles alive and if they come back then that means they are unable to fight anymore from those wounds! I take a deep breath and grab the handle, letting myself into the half destroyed super market. Walking up to the desk, the receptionist looks at me shocked.

“Can I help you?” She looked at me as if I was stupid.

“Where do I go to sign up for the DCAF?” I ask unsurely.
“You gotta be stupid or something- no one signs up willingly anymore.”

“Well this dumbass needs to keep his family safe.” I hit the desk in anger.
“Alright, your funeral.” She says handing me a couple of waivers, “Just fill these out and bring them back to me. Once your done someone will get you as soon as possible.” I respectfully take the papers and a clipboard then walk over to the seating area. She was right- I am stupid, but I have to do what needs to be done in order to keep my family safe.

15 minutes later I walk back up to the desk with the waiver, and walk back to the seating area. Not even 10 seconds after, a guy in full army attire walks up to me. “You must be Jackson Vail.” He extends his hand out, “I’m Sergeant Lewis.” I take his hand and shake it.

“Nice to meet you.” I say fake the cheery act so he doesn’t notice how stupid I feel.

“Likewise. Never thought someone would be this stupid and willingly sign up. I guess you learn something new everyday.” He chuckles, “Now what is your reason for signing up for the Demon Central Assault Force?”

“I need to keep my family safe from the demons sir.”

“Well either we kick these demon’s asses or we die trying.”

“Yes sir.” I smirk. Sergeant Lewis looks at my paperwork.

“Follow me.” He gestures me to follow and he leads me to a room for the background check. Once in the room the sergeant has me sit on a table- still looking at the paperwork. “So you have had a pretty clean record- no arrest, no charges,” He looks up, “And you look in pretty good shape, do you work out?”

“I’ve been keeping a healthy work out the best I can. Never know when a demon will try to kill you.” I chuckle, but he gives me a mean look and I stop.
“Try living in constant watch of a demon attack. I’ve watched a group of 10-20 take out three quarters of a base filled with 915 men.” Seeing the devastation in his eyes, I look down in shame. 10 minutes later, the check up is over “Welcome to DCAF soldier.” He says out stretching his hand. I shake his hand and stand up. “You’re going to be sent to the training base with other ‘Willing’ soldiers to be shown how to fight these damn demons. That base is going to be far from here. It’s going to be dangerous getting there, but once you’re there, it’s all safety from there on.”

“Alright, so what do I do now?” I ask curiously.

“Go say your goodbyes.” He tells me with the straightest face I have ever seen. His serious face shocks me a little- maybe even scared me- but I slowly walk out the building to go say goodbye to my family.

Before I get to my house, I make a stop at my friends house. She said that she was also signing up for DCAF. So I had to tell her that I’m now apart of it. Once at her house I walk to the backyard where she hangs out most of her time- in a tree house. She says that she moved out her house and into the treehouse. I throw a pebble at the door “Hey V! Come down!” She opens the door quickly, forgetting that she was only in her bra and underwear.

“What are you doing?! I was sleeping!” V yawns right after yelling, making me laugh.

“Can I come up there?”

“Fine.” V sighs walking back into the treehouse.

I climb up and walk in. Then jump onto her bed. “So sleep well?” I smirk, knowing she will give me a dirty look.

“Was until you came here and woke me up.” Giving me that dirty look I was expecting. “What do you want?”

“Well you’re straight to the point I see.” V pulls the blankets back up to cover herself. “But I wanted to tell you… that I um... “

V sits up. “You didn’t, did you?!”

I look up “I had to! To keep my family safe…” I begin to whisper “and for the family I want.”

V lays back down, putting her hands on her forehead. “You know we’re friends and we’ll say the truth no matter what?” I nod as she sits back up, “Well I’m also one too…” We both just sit there looking down for a couple minutes.

“Scooch over.” I tell her as I stand up taking my shoes off.

“What are you doing?” V asks blushing.

“I need to nap a little, so i’m getting comfortable. And it isn’t like we haven’t done this before.” I say taking my shirt off, showing my six pack.

“But we haven’t slept together in only underwear for about 20 years.”

“Who cares? We’re friends and we’ve done this before.” I had finally stripped down to my underwear and lay next to V. I wrap my arms around her as she turns to her side, her back towards me. We both slowly drift asleep; V’s arms wrapped around mine since she waited till I was asleep first.

An hour later I wake up to V snuggled closely to my chest and I chuckle a little- waking her up. “Well I should be going now.”

“But we weren’t even napping for that long.” V says backing up to sit herself up, but she looks downward to check something, then looks back at my face. “Don’t you still feel tired?”

“V I am getting sent to boot camp tomorrow… I’m sorry I couldn’t hang out with you longer or anything, but I guess I’ll see you out there soon enough.” I say looking down in disappointment.

“Jack… I’m sorry you had to get into this… I wish you luck.” She says putting a gentle kiss on my check.

“See ya V.”

“See ya Jacky.”

I stand up and begin putting my clothes back on, I look back at her 1 last time, “Glad you’ve always been so supportive of me.” I smile as I walk out fully dressed and head home.

Walking down Luna Street, I notice small droplets of blood on the sidewalk. I bolt up to the door of the house it leads to and stop at the door. Out the corner of my eye I can see a busted ketchup bottle. I shake my head as I walk slowly back to my path of direction- but immediately stop in my tracks. A high pitch scream burst from the house, but is quickly silenced moments after it erupts. I bolt into the house and quickly search for a weapon. The kitchen was my best bet, so I grab a good knife and walk around the house quietly- gripping the knife tightly. The entire first floor was clear so I look up the stairs, petrified of what was next. As I slowly begin to walk up the stairs I can hear the demon devouring its victim. As I get close to the room, the sound get louder and more disgusting with each step. Standing at the door I question myself if I should go in, but I my mind is still set on avenging whoever just lost their life. I grip the door handle and take a deep breath as I burst into the room, but I stop dead in my tracks as the demon stared into my eyes as if it was reading my soul.

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