Our Blurryface

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This a poem about our Blurryfaces. That term comes from Tyler Joseph, the singing in the band Twenty One Pilots. This is the title of their album. Never heard of them? SEARCH THEM!! They are amazing. But his Blurryface is his anxiety/depression, so heres a poem about everyone's

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



My Burryface, 

he's there. 

He tells me that I'm explosive

that every creak in this house

is someone trying to kill me.


Her Blurryface, 

tells her that nobody cares. 

That she is not worth anything. 


His Blurryface, 

he makes everything awful

He sends him into a state of panic, 

something he can't escape 


Everyone has a Blurryface,

that thing that's in your mind,

that thing that's telling you 

awful, scary things. 


We all have one, 

so why hide in the dark?

Share your story, 

tell us who your Blurryface is. 


And defeat him. 

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