I Am A Monster

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This is from the point of view a character. About his love for breaking women down.

Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



I am a monster 
Not in the hide under your bed or in your closet 
Not in the I murder kids or rule nations and take away their freedom 
No,  I am more personal than that
I get deep into the cracks of a person's soul just to tear it to add to mine

I'll explain how this all began 
Back when I was a much younger person I found out my mother had given me up before I was born 
In that moment my soul was torn
To learn about this at the age of 7 changed your world 
The person you called mom isn't your mother 
Everything was a lie
But where my story really gets juicy is when I found out I could get into the soul of a girl easy 
See many girls are the same You simply gain their trust and slowly drain them of themselves to build me 
You may say how do I do it? 
Easy. Bring up their trust and slowly chip it away.  Every time you fall asleep early without saying anything.  Every time you go out without saying anything. Fake drunk texting.
Every frown is an achievement.  Every tear is funny to you.
Every once of pain you inject while they are under your hypnosis is how you close your eyes at night
Don't go for the kill all at once 
There's way more fun this way

See you think I'm an asshole, and I am, but you forget that there are guys who do this on accident 
Those are the ones you have to look out for
Their love is real so it doesn't get you as high or not nearly as addicted. 
I will leave you crawling back ready for more
You could become one of the many who are my friends and are my masochistic play toys
But I will always put you first in my plan 
They fill up with work school or life 
I however will give you the attention you need, I need 
So you can give me yourself.

Some will question me on what I exactly want 
I'll tell you it's nothing tangible 
It's nothing anyone else can see 
When someone goes through pain a tiny tiny piece of a person is crushed
Maybe they don't smile for a while 
Maybe they cry
Maybe when they get home instead of one drinks they take two
Maybe instead of one cigarette it's three four 
Maybe more If I can really shake them down to the core 
I may not even see these signs but I can feel them
I feel your language weaken 
I feel your breathe become slight bit faster 
If you're like me you'll notice both these about me 
If you remember I said I was taking to add
To add to the husk I was before 
I've slowly build myself into a person 
A person who is made out of pieces from different puzzles that are glued together 
A person who has emptiness waiting to be filled that may never be 
But I'm okay because I'll take and take until the day I begin to see
See life as lovely and love as something that isn't just chemicals and something I can feel

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