the neighboring house

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Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016




There was this strange house down the road that nobody entered.  Rumours say that the house  was haunted, the gates of hell but i knew that wasn’t true. I was just a little boy in my house halfway down the street from “the house”. One day i saw two men stop at the house and enter it but they never came out. I just assured myself that there was a back entrance. a week later, our home was filled with the sounds of a person in pain. It was late but I thought to have a look what the source of the sound was. So i got out of bed and looked out of my bedroom window. The groans were coming from the house. I saw that all the lights were off except one out the back of the house. The light had a slight shadow of a figure, i  couldn’t figure out what he or she was doing but i assumed that the person was maybe thinking about buying it. I thought maybe  i should have a look but figured that my mother wouldn’t be happy, so i waited till’ morning. What i didn’t know that tomorrow was the day that everything goes strange.

So a new day, a new mind...right? That’s what i thought, that was not the case. I woke up thinking the house incident last night was a dream, and got out of bed slowly. Aching of no sleep, i looked out my window. Blinded by the powerful light, i saw another person go in i built up my courage to go into the house. I got my clothes on and told my mother I was going outside to the park, but i wasn’t. I started walking, feeling the courage going through my body, i  stopped for a second to regain my thoughts. I walked for five minutes then came to the front of the house, my mind was racing. What would be behind this door, what would happen if i was caught. All these thoughts were racing through my mind as i laid my hand onto the door knob.  I finally opened the door... it was...something i have nether imagined. There was a star with a circle merged together on the ground and lots of people sleeping. But out of anything, the smell, the smell was like nothing i had known.  As my mind was taking in all these things, i saw movement  out the corner of my eye. Even though it was day, the house was filled with darkness. I couldn’t move, my fear glued me to the floor, i thought about running away but i...

The next day the newspapers were filled with “mass murder, four people murdered: 3 men,1 boy.”


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