The Astronaut

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
“Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.” Interstellar -2014

This is a fictional short story of a writer named Sai Hitisha who turns out an astronaut by 2037. This story of hers is inspired by Nolan’s work like Inception and is here for the readers now, brought from the near future. It’s time to transcend gravity and “TIME”, defying reality!
Deceive your other self. Deceive the world.
This is what you must do, to reach the infinity, and even beyond! So, buckle up!

Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016




The Astronaut

Chapter 1:

Possibilities of Inception:

In the year 2036, the writer named Sai Hitisha who lives in Canada, releases a book named "Possibilities of Inception” and it becomes a massive success. The book is based on the film by Nolan in the year 2010, in which they plant ideas into others mind using dreams. In the year 2030, a Canadian Scientist and a druggist together turn the inception conducive, but it’s not been put into practice widely then, as it’s just in testing phase by the year. The writer Hitisha, a common friend of those mega minds, comes to know it's in and out.

The writer's father, a Sr. consultant in network security had given her freedom even to chase her wildest dreams. Her father is a catalyst in the pursuit of achieving her goals. As a successful writer, she never stopped, but would remain always the same old lil girl who’s still interested in finding the whereabouts of extraterrestrial life and celestial bodies. But, she has chosen to write for life.

As the days pass by, in the year 2037 the Canadian project of a mission to Jupiter is being announced. The thoughts of writer Hitisha got magnetized towards it. It was that single thought which held her pulse then on -“Space travel” and soon it became her invocation. But being just a writer, it's far beyond her reach to enter the space station.

 Her zeal to travel to the outer space gives her an idea to put into implementation, the “Possibilities of Inception”, to become an astronaut with the help of her scientist friends. She plans to travel back time and plant the idea into someone’s mind which would ensure that it’ll eventually make her dream of becoming an astronaut, fall within the realms of possibilities. She wants to become a perfect astronaut, not by influencing someone’s mind in Jupiter program and get the chance of flying. Instead, she wants to plant the idea into someone’s mind that would really turn out inspiring for her to become one.

She reads a line from her book “Love can transcend the dimensions of time and space.” Only “LOVE” can. Then, she’s so certain that, in order to become an astronaut, she needs her father’s love to play its role in this. She knows well that her father’s love for her can help her achieve her dreams by any means. She concludes to sow the seed of her desire into her dad's mind somehow.

Chapter 2:

Nolan's Interstellar

Hitisha now is all prepared to become an astronaut. But sowing that idea into her dad’s mind is not that easy and she knows it. It needs a plot, it needs a story, and it needs emotion behind and above all it needs a lot of inspiration. She, as a writer, needs a good script. She just imagines that what if her father travels in Jupiter program and couldn't make it up and sends her a message back. Then she drafts a story called “My Daddy's space travel" and now she decides to sow that as seed of an idea to grow.

But “How?” was the question. Just thinking about her father's knowledge about space stuff, she knows well that it’s a big zero!

As her father was a big fan of Nolan and his movies, she comes out with an idea of making a story which she can use to induce the idea in Nolan’s dream. She hopes that the story which she’s about to plant in Nolan’s dream would kindle his creativity to film the story.

By doing so, she expects that it would show her dad a good visualization and insight into her story and her knowledge about space stuff which would scintillate him to raise his daughter as an astronaut in the near future. She knows that her daddy was so certain that he’ll be blessed with a girl baby while he was dating her mother. She knows this, as her mom would always say this to her whenever she talked about how they fell in love with each other. Her mom would say “Hitu you’re your father’s dream which turned true. You’re a blessing to us from the heaven baby”. Now the plot thickens for Hitisha, she needs her idea to be executed before their wedding, in the form of a film by Nolan “My Daddy's space travel" which should be screened in the year 2014 so that she will be born in 2015 with her daddy's dream of a baby astronaut.

She then meets her scientist and druggist friends and explains her whole project. At first, they hesitated but then her determination makes them agree to her plan, as they always wanted to test their invention with a successful project which is worth doing. They plan to sow the idea “My Daddy's space travel” in Nolan's mind to come out as a great film which should make her father go crazy on outer space stuff.

The day came on 2037, just a week before the Jupiter program to go live. The mega minds help Hitisha travel back in time to 2010, right after Nolan’s Inception was released and reach Nolan in his dream and give the storybook of “My Daddy's space travel” to him. The Inception turns successful without any mishaps and she returns to reality. All three of them left for their perspective home that night, as it takes 8 hours to see the outcomes of what Hitisha has made to the time lines in the past.

The next day Hitisha wakes up from her bed and rushes to her laptop, Searches for “My Daddy's space travel" on the internet but in vain! She finds nothing related to Nolan on it. Then she opens the wiki page of Nolan and sees a film named Interstellar listed in his movies in the year 2014. Suddenly she realizes that's the film her father showed her million times and she could narrate all dialogues in it. Yes the inception worked and she could see the changes now and it’s all what she made!

Hitisha, who traveled back in time, has changed the timeline and she could remember the other timeline memories of being a writer, before she did inception, only for few more hours. It would get erased completely after a period of few hours which was already cautioned by the scientist friend of hers in the other time line.

Chapter 3:

The Woman Astronaut

As she walks out the room she could see a big painting hanging in the main hallway of her house. It’s a drawing of a handsome anime guy throwing a baby up in the air. In the background, it has Jupiter and other weird planets and celestial objects as hanging in the outer space. The drawing has a quote:

“To the Space Girl Hitisha ".

She then remembers it was a painting of her father which he did when she was just a month old. She goes to her gym and performs her exercise and gets a call on her mobile phone from her boss. Her boss told her that he wanted her at the Space Station before 3p.m and informed her that her presentation ceremony was set to start at five sharp. Hitisha knows she is one of the crew members in Program “Jupiter”. She then looks for her friend the scientist’s contact in her phone but no luck, she comes to know she couldn’t remember his name and the druggist’s as well , as she’s slowly forgetting everything related to that timeline as time ticks by. She consoles herself that timeline changed their lives.

As the hours pass, her memories of the other timeline before inception starts to get erased frame by frame. She sneaks into her dad’s room and sees him reading a book. She hugs him and prevails silent for a minute and waits for his response.

Hitisha’s dad now broke into tears and says “Baby, you have become an astronaut today which was my dream, life or you can even say more than that. I always wanted to tell you that I was prepared and ready to sacrifice myself making you an astronaut even before you stepped into this planet earth. I love you as my gift from celestial objects. As Nolan says in Interstellar, Love is the one thing that transcends time and space. You are my Murph as Cooper had in Interstellar."

 Her ticker muffled "I knew it in both the worlds, in both the timelines and in any universe that you are the one who completes me; who I am and who I dreamt of being. Love you dad." She hugged him with tears in her eyes.

Her father says that he didn't want her to be late for the ceremony that would be taking place at five that evening.“Are you prepared to go on this mission to Jupiter?" He asks and she replies, “I got prepared for this even before you and mom got married dad".

The ceremony starts by 5pm sharp and all are seated with Hitisha's parents in the first row. The top man of the space program gives a speech and starts introducing the crew members of the Jupiter program one after the other, giving them each ten minutes on stage.  Hitisha’s father turns a deaf ear to the speech of the other crew members and when it’s Hitisha’s turn to deliver hers, he turns all his attention towards her and just her words she’s about to utter.

Hitisha introduces herself and shares her contribution in the space program. Then she says,

"Now, I am about to play a two minutes video to thank my dad of what I’ve become today”. An AV starts playing on the huge white screen. It’s Hitisha as a twenty days old baby as she shakes her hands and legs, her father sang next to her on bed:

“Am an astronaut, Am an astronaut,

Am gonna become a woman Astronaut,

I’ll fly beyond the stars; I’ll fly beyond the Moon,

And I’ll fly beyond  Jupiter............ "

“Hitisha, the Woman Astronaut”

The End.



I dedicate this to my five months old daughter Sai Hitisha Karthik.

Love you bebo.

Written by,

Karthik Ganesan.


















© Copyright 2020 Karthik Ganesan. All rights reserved.

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