My Life

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Just My Life.

Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016



My life is full of scars, wears and tears,

I've only made it this far by the skin of my teeth,

From the abuse to the drugs, it seemed as if it wouldn't end.


Looking back now I understand,

Why what happened did,

I was being prepared for the rest of my life.


Mother was satanic, dad was never there,

I was the offering, the toy,

I was the accident that was never a person.


Seven years I lived in hell,

No one ever heard my yells for help,

I was alone, I was by myself.


Looking backnow I relize,

That everything happens for a reason,

That reason  might not be as obvious as we want it to be,

But it is there.


Many years later I accepted the thingd tha happened,

I relized that there is hope, love,

I now know that people can care for me and I for them,

I was a victim, but now I stand a SURVIVOR.

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