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Black Psychic is about a girl who moved into a large city to represent her guild back in her home town. Doing odd jobs around the city, meeting new people, and keeping a big secret to herself. That is her life in the city. But she soon learns that soon she will have to believe in herself to get by in a city like this.

Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016



  How do I explain this? Should I even try? Well anyway... you could say that I am a psychic. I guess. 

  You probably think this is some stupid high schoolers joke. Ok one, I don't even go to high school anymore. And two, that's what I usually get at least. I should probably move on.

  I live in a large city in the northern part of the Earth. I think, if I am correct, this would be considered the future for you people. My name is Fox Pancorly, an average name for someone now a days. The city's that is a good question. Its called so many names that everyone is completely clueless to what it is actually called. The universe being the universe probably had it named something beautiful and flowery that totally doesn't suit the city at all. 

That is how the universe works, always proving you wrong. Pshaw. It gets annoying after a while. Like, for instance, right now.

  "Say whaaaaaaat? I'm going to be living by myself in the middle of some dangerous city?" I ask the woman beside me.

  She sighs. "Yes Fox, yes you are. Its the perfect way to be...independent..."

  "You mean abandoned, don't you, Trisha?"

  "No i don't, you just came of age."

  "Pshaw...when did that happen?" I ask knowing the answer.

  "Errrrr..." Trisha started, delaying.

  I sigh. "Almost a year ago. However you are more concerned about...what was it again? Was it your nonexistent T.v series?"

  She turns her ugly face to me. "Be grateful that one, I didn't kill you early in your damn life and two, that I am giving you this house in the first place!"

  "......thanks......I think....."

  The older woman scowls at me. "Get your ungrateful little but in there." Then Trisha leaves. Peace and no pugginess!

Sigh. What the hell...I have nowhere else to go so I may as well take the apartment. I walk inside to the lobby with the one piece of luggage I have. Its not clothes or anything normal like that. Or at least for you people.

  "Nice place." I mumble to myself.

  "Yea, it is, isn't it?" A voice says from behind me.

  I spin around. "Ohmygod!" I say quickly.

  "Ooooooo, this one is interesting..." It seems to mumble. "Yooooouuuuu heard noooooooootttttthhhhhiiiiiinnnnggggg." It is now acting like a ghost. Wow Fox. Way to state the obvious.

  "Yea right." But i continue walking down the hall towards room one, which I guess, is my room. I was apparently the only person living here because it was only recently built, but there was going to be other people coming probably in the next couple months or something.

  It is going to be pretty quiet here for the next while. A next place to get away from it all. Or most. 

  "Are ghost included in all these houses or is it just where I am?" I ask the voice.

  "I've nooooooooo idea what yoooooooouuuuuuuu're talking aboooooooouuuuuuuuut, buuuuuuuuut nooooooooooooooooooooo they shooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuld oooonly be heeeeeereeee." The voice replied. 

  If this was an anime, I would have sweatdropped. 

My Cursed Life.


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