the invisble cloth

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You are invinsible!

Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016



The invisible cloth. There once was a girl, not ago at all. Learning to walk, but barley starting to crawl. She didn't believe in anything, not even herself. Scared to face life, because of the feelings she'd felt. But then one night, at about 1 or 2. In her window, an Angel flew. They talked all night about their fears, and how to face them. But the Angel said don't worry I'll replace them, here's an invisible cloth and then she laced it. Around her neck although couldnt see it. Now when problems come her way she can surely beat them. The feeling she felt when she got that gift, off her shoulders she felt a lift. The Angel told her the cloth was for protection, and as long as she wore it she would be protected. Now go ahead and enjoy the world the Angel said, don't be afraid to face your fears, their already dead. And by doing this, whats the worst that can happen? What you might die? Well what's the point of living if the plan isn't to fly? I mean one day it's sure to happen anyway, and if it isn't your time; who can tell you, you cant stay? Hmph the Angel chuckled as she drifted towards the window, don't worry about anything cause I am here with you. Enjoy life with laughs and giggles. Not frowns and sniffles. It take less muscles to smile then frown. And who wants wrinkles?

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