Therapist Visit

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Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016



This is grammarly really bad, I just wrote this is like 20 minutes and haven't looks it over to be fixed up yet. I just want to know what you guys think about the start of this story....?



Kym, her mom caught her with a razor blade in hand cutting her wrist.

“Honey what are you doing?” Kym yells.

“Nothing,” Melissa says, hiding the evidence under her blanket.

“No, that’s something!” Kym walks over to Melissa and lifts up the blanket over the knife and the bleeding wrist. “Why are you cutting yourself again?”

“Mom…” Melissa starts, but she can’t finish.

“Melissa, this is the third time this month,” Kym pushes back Melissa’s hair from her face. “You’re going to a therapist.

“No mom, please don’t make me go!” Melissa yells. “I’ll stop, I promise.”

“I know honey, but you need encouragement to stop.” Kym puts her arm around Melissa and walks her to the bathroom to clean up.

Today is the day, Melissa’s first therapy appointment. She is extremely nervous. Why does her mom insist on making her see a professional brain picker. She’s not crazy. Cutting just makes her feel better. Yeah, that’s a crazy person’s thought but she’s not.

“Alright honey, I’m going to come in and meet your doctor, and then I’ll leave you two alone, as you wish,” Kym tells Melissa.

“Okay,” Melissa gets out of the car and slams the door.

Kym and Melissa walk into the front office; Melissa has her arms crossed with a sour look on her face.

“How many I help you?” The front desk lady smiles nicely.

“We are here to see doctor Maynard,” Kym tells her.

“Oh okay, he’s actually ready for you right now, waiting in room 3 just through the double doors,” The front desk lady told them.

“Okay thank you very much,” Kym smiles. Melissa has a ping in her stomach. She didn’t expect to meet the doctor within seconds of walking in the door. She straights out her skirt as they walk through the double doors.

Wow fancy, Melissa thought to herself. There was wood doors lining the walls – multiple rooms. The walls are an off white, almost yellow. Room 3 was the room directly to their left.

Melissa and Kym step over to the door and knock. Almost instantly a dark haired man with black rimmed glasses and about 6’2” opens the door. “Hello, you two must be Kym and Melissa.” He sticks his hand out. Kym shakes it, but Melissa looks at it with her arms  still crossed. Yes, he is extremely hot but she was not going to break that easily, just because he had some attraction does not mean that he was going to meet her nice side. She was forced to see this guy that called himself a doctor.

“That’s okay,” doctor Maynard smiles. “We can work on it. Please, come in and have a seat.”

Kym and Melissa walks in and Melissa flops down on the coach, frustrated. But Kym remains standing. “I’m sorry, Melissa doesn’t want me to stay in the room, she wants to do this alone.”

“That’s okay, it might encourage her to open up more than if her mother was in the room anyways,” doctor Maynard smiles.

“Okay, well, you two have a good time, and nice meeting you doctor Maynard,” Kym says, walking out.

“You too ma’am,” doctor Maynard replies. Then turns to Melissa. “Where would you like to start?”

“You’re the doctor.”

“You’re paying me, there is a reason you’re here.”

“Yeah, paying you, so do your fucking job.”

“Okay, well lets start with maybe having respectful language.”

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