Stale Cereal

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Memories from Childhood

Submitted: May 12, 2016

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Submitted: May 12, 2016



Stale cereal

Hitting rewind every hour and thirty minutes on the VCR just below the T.V. box while morning turned to night and, I still lay on my couch until my eyes could no longer stay focused on the bright light being transmitted from the T.V. box, and so they drifted away. What my eyes were so focused on at that time was "The Fox and the Hound" which continues to be a favorite movie of mine that had an impact on me as a child. I would agree that this movie is similar to most of those Disney/Pixar movies that contain many cliché moments within a single film. Most, if not all Disney/Pixar movies come with a moral for the viewer (usually a child) to take away, but there was something about this movie and its moral that affected me differently from the others. The movie not only drove tears down my smooth pale cheeks, which were sometimes covered in colorful Frooty Loops cereal bits, but also continues to hold a special place in my memory.

I was there in my living room sitting on my pink princess couch still in my pajamas with my ponytail to the side of my head. As usual I sat so that my face was only a few centimeters away the T.V. screen and as usual my mother came in and yelled, "Stop sitting so close to the T.V. or you'll go blind," and so i scooted back a couple of inches before she came back in and yelled again. My mind and my eyes - as a matter of fact my whole body was fixed on this one movie that I couldn’t seem to get enough of. I sat there watching as the friendship of two best friends all went to waste due to society's view of the normal. How were a fox and a hound ever supposed to get along? A hound hunts foxes and the foxes run away. How would two creatures that are meant to hate each other supposed to be best friends? Watching not only a true friendship extinguish, but also the heart-breaking good bye of two close ones was too much for my seven year old self, but I continued to watch until my eyes filled with tears and my throat formed a knot.

It’s not that this movie and its moral is the norm I live by, but it was my first taste of reality. A reality that made the Frooty Loops stuck to the sides of my face taste bland. A reality that seemed too extreme for my "happily ever after" self. A reality that came back and struck again a few years ago when I too lost my best friend. Our friendship was filled with much care and love but started to crumble until one day it vanished completely and we became strangers once again. I realized at a young age that no matter how true or inseparable two souls might seem, there will never be a forever to anything. 

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