you traded

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Submitted: May 12, 2016

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Submitted: May 12, 2016



You traded

19 more years

And refused to be taken victim

To your own bodies terrorism

Creating its own algorithm

And destroying your systems sacred tradition

Normal bodily mechanics became a contradiction.


Binded by a spell

Your cells blindly mutated

Like a computer virus-

Infinitely copying –

The copy;

Until inevitably-

Crashing is the only salvation.


Against all odds-

The poison that literally- killed you

Had saved you.


Signing your life away…

But that day

You were here to stay.

I know what you sacrificed for me.


A deal with the devil,

If I ever did see one.

Sure, fine as can be print, for ya!


Is what was foretold-?

But the clock ticks its last tick

And the Rider prepares

The contract:

“A life for life”

But; at what price?


Death came whispering once more


You marched toward the eye of the storm:

But if we had known,

If only only we had known…

The storm had only begun

If only we had seen the devil in the details

You wouldn’t have had to travel so many miles.


You traded your heavenly body-

A life of ecstasy

For a life of misery

And passed through so gracefully…

Surrounded by four walls-

You were never meant

To be confined by a physical world.

Angles are unhandled

Warriors of God

And have no bounds.

Time and space are limited

Compared to the ocean of heaven.


I’ll never understand, why?!

Why you were denied

Our goodbye-

Your promised!

Why did you have to die?

I wasn’t strong enough

To say goodbye.

I relied on you-

Because you were my glue-

And rescued me through

This revolutionary


Allowing me to miss my cue

And throwing me my clue-

Blessed me,

To see through-

This untrue virtue-

This pain will always-



But perhaps I‘ll miss my debut-



But, instead-

You withdrew-

As if your value

Was a damn haiku.

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