Dark Desire

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I've never written a poem before, it's always been song lyrics or a book. But one night, all alone in the darkness of my room, I was so inspired that the words just poured out of me like that.

Submitted: May 12, 2016

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Submitted: May 12, 2016



Dark Desire


I find comfort in the darkness

It is as blurry as my heart is

Cold and dark and what remains

Is wild and broken, far from sane

I try so hard so keep it down

To mend the cracks, pick up the crown

Does hoping end where breaking starts?

Can I ever cohere these parts?


It's where I hide and where I trust,

It's where "I can" supplants "I must"

It's where I feel more than I fear

And where I dare to let you near

Because I trust that darkness veils

All of my heavy, untold tales

Start to forget, begin to dream

Yours is the first face that I see


Because the only thing I need

The love I crave, the touch I seek

I found it one night in your arms

My scars embellished by your charms

Now my heart is hungry, full of greed

I'll use my lips not just to speak

If on another lucky night

When darkness rules but stars shine bright

I'll be your girl but just until

The day begins but I haven't had my fill

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