The Terrific Two

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - In the Arena

Submitted: January 24, 2017

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Submitted: January 24, 2017



Chapter 26-In the Arena


The cell door creaked open and Tiberius looked up as Ray was brutally tossed on the floor. He  rolled in agony as his original clothes were tossed into the cell as well.

Several guards had jumped him after he had slugged one of them. He threw one against a refreshment table causing a lot of breakage. Then he kicked another in the balls.

He was electrocuted and fell to the floor, stiff as a board. He then had his blazer and shirt ripped off.

Right in the middle of the ballroom, he was held as two more guards came out with metallic type whips. Then he was beaten in front of everyone. 

He never uttered a sound, however. Most of the guests turned away. Mike just watched as he would have a boxing round.

"ALL OF YOU TURN AND WATCH!" Olivius yelled, "this is the sort of thing that happens to anyone who dares insult me or my royalty!!"

On and on the whips fell on Ray's back. Blood was now streaming down.

And it continued. Ray gritted his teeth hard and still made no sound.

When it was over, he had salt thrown in his wounds and bandages roughly applied.


Tears streamed down Liltih's face as she watched TV, seeing the ultimatum that this mad alien she knew all to well being delivered. She knew what she had to do now. There was no choice. Lilith looked up as Lieutenant Kaufmann cnme through the door.

He sat next to her and gently held her. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV off.

Captain Sawyer had called the battalion commander and discussed the situation with him. Due to the Lieutenant's excellent performance as an officer and a leader, no disciplinary action would be taken against him. He was informed, however, that two military police officers would be at his apartment at eight o'clock tomorrow morning to escort Lilith back to where she had come from. Kaufmann was ordered not to accompany her as they did not want him to face any possible retirbution. 

He sadly informed Lilith.  There was nothing but silence between them after that.

Then, they kissed passionately and made their way to the bedroom.


Water was thrown on Ray and a harsh voice commanded him to get dressed. Ray then got back into his original outfit whereupon he was led back up the stairs.

He was then shoved into a hovering type craft which immediately took to the air.

The pain was still there, of course, but not as bad. He knew what was coming next and would just have to make due.

Ray got a good view of the landscape as they flew to their destination. The city had buildings and homes similar to the medival era on earth, but with futuristic type craft and lighting.

A huge collesium, very much like the one in Rome, came into view. The craft then landed and Ray was taken down a flight of steps.which lead underneath the structure.

He was then lead to a cell. After the bars were closed, he found a place to sit. He hurt all over, especially his back.

Ray heard growling and roaring noises echo througout the place. He surmised it had to be from the creatures he had seen in Morbius' laboratory.

He didn't know how he was going to face these creatures the way he felt. Things were just looking their blackest now; with his best friend in the clutches of some mad witch and no way to save him. Not to mention his own situation. Maybe Tiberius was right. It might be best for him to just get the hell out of here when he got his powers back.

Not long from then he heard the crowd cheer and the trumpets sound. Then the air was filled with roaring and screeching coming from the arena.  It appeared that the duels were beginning. No telling what the hell was now out there.

After a few more fights, his turn came. The guards opened the cell and escorted Ray out. They kept their weapons trained on him the whole time.

He was taken up a ramp and then shoved into the arena. Ray then took in the whole view.

There must have been a good ten or twelve thousand in the collesium. Some were cheering and others booing. 

Across the arena a door raised up and a figure came out and stood in the middle of the arena. It eyed Ray up and down.

This thing appeared to be some sort of cyborg, half human like and half robot. It was very formidable looking, being a good fifteen feet tall. It had thick forearms and heavy boots. Ray guessed it must have weighed a good ton or so.

It started walikng towards him.

The crowd cheered. Ray took a quick glance around and saw Olivius and Mike sitting together.

Right in back of Mike was a guard, aiming a weapon at his head.

Taking his eyes off the gargantuan opponent proved to be a serious error.  The next thing Ray knew was that he had been rammed by this thing, similar to how a pro football offensive lineman would with it's shoulder.

He had the wind knocked out of him and felt like he had been hit by a International Harvestor cement truck as he went end over end, finally slamming into the wall.

The crowed roared once more.


End of Chapter 26



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