The Terrific Two

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Lilith

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



Chapter 8-Lilith


Mike had ordered the Seastar to proceed  deeper and deeper. It was slowed up because now it ran on just two auxillary engines.

The crew were in shock. These were obviously alien attackers. Nobody in the world had anything that could reach the speed these fighters could. 

Mike and Ray and probably most of the others aboard knew that things were definitely not normal on the surface. The attack and the failure to commnicate with anyone spelled out nothing but ugly speculation.

Mike's plan was to get as deep and far away as possible. Enroute they would discuss the next best course of action.

Mike, Ray and Dan, the executive officer, made their way to the conference room and turned back on the sonar screen.

Suddenly, six more unidentified objects appeared in hot pursuit of them. Chief Archer sounded the alarm and boadcasted the order for battlestations once more.Mike and the others got up and ran to the bridge


Lilith Schmidt and her father Hermann stood out in the parking lot of the company they owned. A lot of the workers had also joined them. They gazed at the enormous ship which was staionary in the sky. Smaller craft were coming to and going from it. Some of them were setting down on the grounds of King Ludwig's old palace.

Hemann's father had started Schmidt's Clockworks a little over fifty years ago. The handiwork of the timepieces, which consisted mainly of grandfather, mantle, and coo coo clocks had made them very successful over the years. The business had grown frorm something which was just local to include a market all over the world. The internet had become their primary source.

Lilith was a twenty five year old blonde haired blue eyed beauty with a degree in business management from The University of Hideleberg. She had graduated with honosrs and became the general manager of their business. Lilth was the one who introduced the company to the internet. A few monhts afterward their orders had sky rocketed.

Her father still did what he enjoyed most. Making clocks. His handiwork was second to none.

They all stood and gaped as they watched a craft land in their parking lot. The security guards left their shack, guns drawn, and ran towards where it had landed.

A ramp from the craft came down and five beings stepped out.

The guards told them to stop, but they were ignored. Then three of them lifted their weapons and incinerated the guards; but not before one of them could get off a shot. It hit one of the aliens in the chest and he fell to the ground lifeless.

The remaing four walked over to Lilith and grabbed her. Several men, including her father, tried to stop them, but they were killed instantly.

Lilith screamed and fought, but it did no good. She was shoved into the craft whereupon it took to the sky.

Dracos watched from the baclcony as the craft approached. He went downstairs to what was once the grand ballroom.

The room was in the process of being turned into Dracos' throneroom. His servants were constructing a chair big enough to accomodate him and were also setting up video and communication screens.

His back was to the entrance when he heard "My lord, we have found you a human female companion.".  Dracos turned..

It was then that the full effect hit him. Here was the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen in all his space travels. He felt literally numb, and fireworks started going off in his head. He started breathing heavily.

The human female was weeping. The one that brought her in slapped her face and told her to be silent. Dracos ran over and picked him up and threw him against the wall.

"NEVER TOUCH HER AGAIN OR YOU WILL DIE! AND THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOU" he exclaimed, looking around the room.

He walked over to her and got on his knees. He lightly stroked her cheek and told her not to be afraid. He was a little shorter than eye level with her. His hand was a large as her head.

She turned away from him.


The six craft approached the Seastar from behind. The submarine's rear laser fired and hit one of them, causing it to explode.

The other five surrounded the vessle and opened fire. Their massive energy beams punched large holes into it's hull.

Water started pouring into the bridge. Chief Archer was picked up and slammed into the periscope cover, causing blood to gush from his head and nose. He sank into unconsciousness.

Water had now all but filled the bridge completely. Mike and Ray were in it up to their necks.

"GRAB THE CHIEF AND GET OVER HERE!" Mike yelled to Ray. Mike was at the very front of the bridge by now and had opened the hatch to the ALS Craft.

Mike jumped down into it. Ray threw the chief down onto it's floor and came down afterwards. Water was starting to pour in. Ray reached up and closed the hatch. Mike got to the controls  and fliped the swtich to open the bay door. 

Nothing happened.

Ray went to the side panel and switched on the internal floor pumps, which started pumping water out.

He found a dry place and laid the chief down. Then he opened a cabinet and got out a first aid kit.

He looked down at the cheif, who had by now lost massive amounts of blood. Ray got  gauze and bandages and did his best to stop the bleeding.

Then he and Mike felt a large thump and the craft shook.The Seastar had landed on the ocean's floor.

Mike switched on the sonar, and saw all five of the attack craft depart. They were off the grid in seconds.

"Hang on!" Mike exclaimed. He activated the front laser and blasted a hole in the interior front of the hull.

He gave it full throttle. Next they were out of the hangar and moving along the ocean floor at full speed..


End of Chapter 8.

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