The Key

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One describes his new found key to living a happy life

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



My oh my what is this new revealing, feeling, that has the power of healing all your woes from living day to day by work and status quo's.

The new sensation that was a shameful temptation is now my salvation forever more and further more I think this has been the key to life for now fourscore.

Just no beautifully, bold, brave souls walked through that door. That helps the poor and I assure that It's not the wrong detour if I can give you a brochure to assure you that I'm not just being immature and if you don't like as to what I allure well then I must just endure and with that I would say bonjour to someone else.

Now what is this key I see that you seek so that you may have a peak into my used to be bleak but now forever on fleek frame of mind. Trust me it really takes no effort or no time even less then a rhyme yet the thought is so thin it's like a fishing line.

Sometimes can't be seen but strong and that doesn't make it wrong and I just wish I could have a throng of people move with me like this, I feel it would save the world grief and give it bliss and it will forever be on my have to do list like having one last first kiss!

So To finally tell you to pull you out of the mist. The key to what you seek and all you miss! Is not to give a fuck!

Yes I said it!

I don't give a flying fuck about who you fucked and about your jacked up f-150 truck or about how you got the bucks to get that lucky fucking many bucks worth truck.

I don't envy. I don't feel stuck in a rut or feel like butt and as to what I have to say about anyone else's business I don't give a fuck!

No fucks given, no fucks borrowed, no fucks today yesterday or tomorrow! Well you might say give a fuck at least once or twice a month so you don't look like a douche or a total cunt and I say to that friend! You truly don't get it! Cause I don't give a fuck!

Why should I care to dare what people say or think when they stare and glare as I blare my no fucking cares in their face!

I am the one who's right! Maybe one day they will see the light.

Going through life stressing and aggressively progressing without also appropriate moment digesting could end up ruining what you've been investing so take the time to calm down and think about it the next time your resting. That next best thing you might be missing and dear lord when you figure it out you'll see why you needed convincing!

It's not like you'd go through life without goals or ambitions it's just you'd understand what is ultimately the mission!

Happiness....and too many fucks given is one tear of joy no longer living. So just be wise about the fuck bucks you cash in on your luck make sure it doesn't leave you stuck and forever in a despairing rut but like a duck I will remain calm in sight and freaking out down below. That wonderful facade that I will put on is all due to simply cause I don't give a fuck!

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