Aasteer's journey

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"When did the they start lying to themselves?" She wondered, but nobody could give her an answer.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



The waves softly and gently touched her feet as they tried to reach out as far on the land as they could before they head back to the sea, as if they were afraid of the land. And they would be right to be afraid... The life on land was much more complexed and confusing than the life in the sea. Everything in the sea had a place and a meaning. The life there was clear and the people didn't lie. Thus, they were happy and they enjoyed the few moments that their short life gave them.

People on the land on the other hand... They lied a lot. They lied to others, to nature, to her... They even lied to themselves.

Aasteer didn't really understand them. At first, she thought that she couldn't understand them cause she had a little knowledge of them. She thought that if she walked among them and learned more about them she would know why they do what they do. But still she didn't... She had been on the land for years now and she still couldn't understand a single thing about the creatures of the land. Neither did she know how they lost their connection to themselves... What happened? What caused them to look away from the truth?

She was thinking deeply about it as she watched the sun hiding slowly behind the waves and giving its kingdom to the moon to rule it for the coming night. So peaceful, so beautiful, so selfless... The sun and the moon knew that, in order to make the days keep coming, they would have to work together and follow the "rules". Just like the people of the sea did. Those "rules" were not written neither did anyone teach them. They were inside every single creature that this world had and each creature knew that they had to follow those inner rules in order to find their purpose. All knew it, except from the people of the land... They only knew how to lie.

She slowly got up and looked at the night sky as it slowly got its deep blue colour. She sighed as she looked at the stars that started showing up. Most creatures wouldn't be able to spot them yet; not only it was still early but also with all those bright lights that the people of the land had created the stars were too afraid to show themselfs. Only a few were brave enough to light brightly no matter how scary and weird the land had become. But, even if every single star was too afraid to show itself, Aasteer would still be able to see them. After all, they were her family.

"Ah...my sisters! How much I miss you..."

It was far too long and she was far too young when she decided to fall down. Far too adventurous and far too naive to believe that she wouldn't miss her home. Far too silly and far too selfish to realise that she would feel lonely... But what had been done could not change now and Aasteer had tried to find a way to go back to them for billions of years with no success. After a long while she realised that she would probably never return; a realisation that made her cry until her skin had turned into the dark colour of the abyss and caused her to lose her light. But it was ok... She wouldn't need her light now that she couldn't be with her family...

Tears showed up on the corners of her eyes. She wiped them with her palm and turned away from the sea to start exploring once more the land while most of its people were asleep. On her adventures she had met many creatures that she talked with and learned many things from... The people of the sea were her favourite and their pointy ears and bright blue skin made them attractive to her eyes. But she also liked the conversations with the flowers, the trees and the animals. The birds and the turtles seemed very wise and peaceful while the bears and the lions were very brave and prideful. The only creatures she didn't get along were the people of the ground... They were afraid of the stars their light... It was the reason they were hiding under the ground after all.

But the people of the land? She still couldn't talk to them... They either didn't seem to be able to see her or, when they did see her, they started shouting weird things. Once she saw that one male their kind that when he saw her shouted "DEMON!" and started throwing rocks at her. Another time, one of their females thought that she was some kind of a holy existence and started praying on her feet. 

Only a certain percentage of the people of the land could see her and speak to her normally without thinking weird stuff. The people of the land called them "children" and they seemed to be the miniatures of the people of the land. They were short and they had big eyes and they laughed quickly loved to play with her. Fortunately, they still didn't know how to lie. They could listen to the "rules" and they followed them without fear. However, that was also the reason that they couldn't explain to her why the people of the land were so different and weird. Moreover, they quickly turned into the bigger, growing taller and losing their big pure eyes. That was when they weren't able to see her anymore, most of the times. When some of them still could, they tried to avoid her and didn't speak to her. As if they were too afraid of doing so.

"Stop doing this..." Once a person of the land had said to her. This person used to be one of her dearest friends and now it was acting as if she didn't exist. "I don't want you here... I don't... Why does my mind do this? Why?" She didn't understand much, but she knew she had to go.

After similar incidents, she found other ways to contact with them. She would walk around while the moon was ruling over the world and she would watch them dreaming. She liked that. The people of the land had the most vivid, the most colourful, the most wonderful dreams of all the other creatures. They dreamed of the world as it used to be. They dreamed of love and harmony. They dreamed of the "rules".

Strangely, whenever they wake up they forget about those dreams. They forget and they start lying. The lies become their truth and new dreams are created in their minds. Dreams of power and possession. Dreams of eternal life. Dreams of destruction. Dreams that are against "the rules". 

Aasteer didn't know why they did that.

"You're unhappy like this..." She said to a person of the land that had great power and could see her.

"Unhappy? I'm the happiest man in the world... Look at all these..." It said to her and showed those things that the people of the land call "money". 

Aasteer almost cried. Because she could see its soul. Its soul was very ill... A kind of illness that were created by the lies that the people of the land tell themselves and sucked away the true happiness of their lives.

Back then she wanted to understand them and save them. But maybe... 

Maybe the people of the land could not be saved. Maybe it was in their nature not to follow the "rules", to be unhappy and to lie to themselves. Maybe they couldn't be cured. Maybe, they were cursed to live their tiny lives inside the cages they created and never allow themselves to understand what it's truly important. Maybe she should give up...

That was what she thought sometimes. But those thoughts were only on her mind for a few minutes. Because Aasteer was a kind soul, just like every soul is when the "rules" are followed.

As she wandered between the dark streets with the weird lights, Aasteer found a small child that hadn't slept yet. Its body was full of bruises and when Aasteer looked inside its soul, tears ran down her cheeks. The poeple of the land that had created this pure creature abused it and their violence had left marks on its tiny body. Violence... Another thing that their illness caused...

"What are you?" The tiny creature asked her, causing her to slightly jump.

She didn't expect to spot her so easily into the shadows that she was hiding. She looked at its face and noticed that the eyes of the child shined brighter than the others. What was this light? 

"I'm a star. My name is Aasteer. Who are you?"

"My name is Ko. I've never seen a star... Where is your light?" The child asked and approached her, full of curiosity as it was.

"I lost it."


"I was very sad and I cried a lot..."

"Why? Was it cause your mama hit you? I'm always sad when mama and papa hit me..."

Aasteer felt her heart breaking. The honest of these little creatures could break even the toughest of shells. She shook her head and tried to smile.

"No... I left home and I don't know how to return. I miss it."

"You miss it?" The child looked very surprised about it. Once more, it took a few steps closer to her and looked up at her with its small face looking troubled. "I left too, but I don't miss my home. So, you must have had a good home in order to miss it."

"Yes... Yes, that it was. But back then I didn't know it. I wanted to know more and now..." She looked up at the sky and pointed a finger towards it. "I can only look at it from here. At least it looks pretty, doesn't it?"

Ko looked up as well and smiled. Its big eyes shone brightly as it looked back at Aasteer. "Of course a star would live in the sky! Yes, it's pretty! I wanna go too! Can I come with you? Please, please, please?" 

Aasteer looked at it with surprise. It was not the first time a child asked her to go with her. But it was the first time she saw so much light... A light burning so strong that almost made the child look like a star.

'How...' Aasteer wandered. This small creature, with the bruises and the marks, could still smile so clear... As if it had never experienced violence or heard lies... As if it had never walked on the tainted land... As if it was a star.

Aasteer, without thinking or speaking, reached her hand out to the child and it responded by grabbing her hand gently. Then, a miracle happened. The golden light returned to Aasteer's skin and soul, filling her with hope and giving her wings. Wings that would be able to return her back to the sky and to her family. Wings that would allow her to shine again among the other stars.

Aasteer looked surprised at herself. She couldn't believe nor understand, but she was so happy that she started laughing.

"Beautiful..." She heard Ko whispering. "You're so beautiful!!" Ko's eyes, if it was possible, seemed even brighter now.

Aasteer kneeled down to have the same eye height as Ko and to be able to look inside the child's eyes. "You did this... That is your magic." She suddenly said, surprising both of them.

"How?" Ko asked, confused.

"I don't know. But you did it... I'm sure of it..." Aasteer, as always, spoke the truth. She knew Ko did it, even though she didn't know how. Then, as she looked with a troubled face at her knees, an idea formed in her mind.

"Ko... You said you don't have a home, right? Your mama and papa were cruel to you and so you left... Do you think you would ever want to go back?"

"No... Those people don't love me... I don't love them either..." Ko lied. However, it was not the kind of lie that caused the illness of the people of the land. It was the lie of a pure, fragile heart that tried to protect itself; if Ko admitted that it loved its parents, it would feel even more sad.

"I'll take you with me then."

Ko screamed happily and hugged her tightly. Aasteer returned the hug and smiled.

"But you have to promise..." Aasteer said. "Promise me you won't change. Promise me that, once you return here, you will try to change those around you.. Promise me you will continue to share your light."

"But... I don't want to return... People are mean and--"

"That is why I'll take you with me Ko. So that you will come back and you will change all of this. So that people will stop being mean and cruel. Will you do this Ko? Will you come with me and then return here to change all of... this." Aasteer said and spread her arms to show the whole city to Ko.

Ko looked troubled. It seemed as if the child was not sure of what to do. But then, its small hands turned into fits and it looked back up at Aasteer with eyes full of determination. "Yes.. I'll do it!"

Aasteer knew that Ko was saying the truth. The child's soul shined with the purest colours she had ever seen.

She took its hand and together they started flying towards the sky. As they approached closer and closer to the stars, Aasteer became even brighter and Ko's soul spread vivid colours around them both.

Aasteer looked at Ko; the new hope of the people of the land. She wasn't sure, but maybe... just maybe... Ko would be able to change the people of the land and banish their illness.

Ko looked at her and smiled. She also smiled at Ko and their hand's fingers combined tightly together, forming a strong bond as they travelled towards freedom.

A hope for mankind had just been born.

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