The Magic Carpet

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One day Some girl finds a Magical carpet outside her window and it takes her soaring through the cold night.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



Hi. I would like to tell you a cool story about the day I discovered a magic carpet. I was in my room one night and I was still pretty upset at my friend for telling me magic was all a lie and fake and all that. I was also starting to believe her. I looked out of my window. I still needed proof. I looked up at the star I called helder. It's dutch for bright “If magic really is real, prove it to me by making something impossible happen.” I couldn’t get to sleep that night. I kept hearing banging at my window. “Dumb wind!” I whisperd. I looked outside and to my surprise, there was no wind nor rain or hail. Instead there was a carpet! I examined it closely. It was pink patterned with stars. Not the way I liked anything to be. Suddenly, I tripped and fell out of my window! But instead of falling to the ground, I fell onto the carpet. It took me soaring through the sky. I was only wearing my pajamas and slippers. So it felt nice to be going out at night. I could feel the wind on my face like going right through a cloud. Oh wait a moment, IT IS A CLOUD! I  was soaring right through a cloud. I felt unstoppable! But just as I tried to stand up, the carpet jerked to a stop because of an airplane. I fell off the carpet! I fell forever but my carpet caught me. I could steer is now. And I knew just where I wanted to go. I went higher and higher and higher. I didn’t stop once. Until I saw her. My star, helder. It wasn’t like a big ball of fire, it was in the shape of a star. I touched it. And held onto one of its points. I was in outer space. But I was just fine even though I had no space suit. I went passed the planets and stars. I started to get sleeping and my eyelids fell. Until I woke up in my bed. “Was it all a dream?” I asked myself. I went downstairs to get some breakfast eager to tell about my dream when my parents told me “Hey! We found an old carpet outside!” I decided to take a little teeny tiny itsy bitsy peek. It was a carpet that was pink and patterned with stars.

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