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Poems from Love

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



Like a dust in the cloud is the life that is so sound. In the battle confidence is sure as directions have been given again. Always looking to the heart is a vessel that should be smart. If you live in abundance today just give away the frustration and pain as an example to all today that life is a melody in Jesus name. Is  there a promise that you can find that there will be no battle of the mind? Is your garden free and clear or does there remain a deep rooted violence that you cannot set free and clear. In the realm of Majesty is the wisdom to do and say what is prescribed for you now let the past go free as you cast this all on Me.


For I direct you as a fisher of men to let this go to a place of non-remembrance. I give this away as a bad seed and do not permit this negative event to terrorize me for this I should hear you say for I listen to you on this day.

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